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Like Water, food is a valuable and essential resource in the SARP.

Food Preferences By Culture

Culture Main Meat Main Grain/Starch Notes
Abwehr (Nightwalker) Höhlestier Mais Foods have dangerous mineral content to Non-Abwehrans
Abwehr (Surfacers) Hochland Ram Weizen Foods have dangerous mineral content to Non-Abwehrans
Azorea Roset Finbacks kerius_kelp Azoreans are an aquatic species.
Elysia Beef Cereals Also Psomi
Hidden Sun Clan Buvory (Lizard) Ikâ vitdâmu Poku'vonai tend to like spicy foods
Iroma Herdtitan Reiz Foods grown on Maekardan have psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties when consumed by non-Iromakuanhe
Lorath Sheep? Oats
Mishhu Pork Corn The Mishhuvurthyar are known to eat prisoners.
Nepleslia Beef Potatoes In Nepleslia, burgers and fries are king.
Yamatai Fish Rice Traditional Yamataian food is similar to Japanese cuisine.

SARP Foods

Food Chains

The following food chains are present in the galaxy:





Futuristic Food Ideas

In Star Army's technologically-advanced universe, there are new concepts that are not common in the present day:

  • Insects may be raised as “micro-livestock.”
  • Algae is commercially farmed and made into all kinds of foods.
  • Foods can be preserved using edible anti-microbial polymer coatings.
  • Stasis fields can be used to preserve foods.
  • Meat grown from stem cells
  • Automated restaurants and super vending machines that can cook

OOC Notes

Sushi art colored by Wes using a purchased base by Waitress.

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