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A meganut (or “turkey nut”) is a large tree nut that is native to Planet Nepleslia. It is an edible food that is considered a delicacy.


Meganuts grow to a size of around 32 centimeters (over a foot) long and have dome-shaped sides that strongly resemble that of walnuts. They grow on massive trees that, unfortunately, are very rare in the ultra-developed surface of planet Nepleslia. The interior of the nut contains two large meaty halves each of which is referred to as a “turkey.”

Meganut shells are so strong that they can deflect small to medium caliber bullets and shell halves were sometimes used as helmets during wars between the Greens and Reds.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2017/08/06 06:18.

Wes has commented that the meganut is “what a walnut looks like to a 4-inch action figure.”

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