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Kage no Toge (影のとげ)

Mei's weapon of choice is actually a pair of custom made daggers she requested when she was still within the ranks of the Star Army of Yamatai. Expertly crafted and perfectly balanced, these double-edged daggers greatly enhance Mei's close quarters combat abilities, instilling fear in her enemies as the one known as the “Black Rose”. Aptly named Kage no Toge, or Thorn of Shadows in Trade, these daggers are wickedly sharp and unyielding against most mundane materials. Not relied upon but generally as a measure of desperation, there is a hidden button that sheaths the blades in devastatingly potent aether energy for use against armored targets.


  • Type: Knife (Double Edged Dagger)
  • Size: 25.4cm (10 in)
  • Mass: .35kg (.77 lbs)
  • Role: Anti-Personnel, Anti-Armor


  • Yamataium, Black
  • Molecular Knit
  • Monomolecular
  • Power Blade (Aether)
  • Battery, Rechargeable (BR-28A)

Total Cost: 650ks

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