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Kinetic Interaction via Networked Electromagnetic Spacial Influence System

Also called the KINESI System or the KINESIS

Creator and Developer: Araiah Jal


The KINESIS was a personal project undertaken by Araiah while developing the Melumsi Artificial Shell Series as a bit of personal security since the MeSh project was causing great controversy. The KINESI system enables the use of highly controlled electromagnetic fields to achieve a variety of effects, including extended control over the user's physical form and synthesis of material objects, among other things.


The system is based on nanites that manipulate the sub-atomic interaction of particles in a way that grows in strength on a exponential scale when the nanites combine their resources. Simply put, a nanobot emits a field that affects the charge of an atom by forcing the addition or removal of electrons. It can also force the removal or addition of neutrons and protons as well, changing the atom's elemental identification. Each nanite uses electromagnetic manipulators to perform certain functions and provide an energy source. A synchronized use of the EM manipulators can produce stunningly large effects on the macroscopic level including flight, manipulation of objects by touch, and a light-bending form of cloak.


Since atoms are much smaller than the nanites, each nanite could affect the properties of a fairly large number of atoms in a rapid amount of time. As more atoms are added to a nanite's area of effect, more nanites are constructed and added to a collective and a sub-sentient/sub-sapient consciousness that runs off of a basic set of instructions forms. If a nanite cannot detect the consciousness, it breaks itself down. As a result, a minimum number of nanites is needed to prevent complete self-destruction, but that can be lowered or raised by the controlling intelligence and excess nanites can be 'manually' ordered to self-destruct.

KINESI System nanites are encased in a flexible carbon fullerine shell with one-way pore-like structures for use of manipulators, making it impervious to hostile microparticles. Though the nanites can utilize their EM manipulator fields to protect themselves, they lack the ability to form individual shields around themselves and maintain cohesion with each other at the same time, making them vulnerable to energy blasts exceeding their absorption capability and antimatter. The maximum number of nanites that can cohere and still be able to form a shield is three.

Advantages of the KINISIS nanites over other nanomachines are that it is an “organic machine”. Although they mimic cells, there is no bio-signature denoting the cell functions of a living organism while at the same time they are completely non-metallic. Also, their energy signatures are maskable by even energy dispersal among the system. And finally, the EM manipulators may construct solid matter manipulators for use should the need arise.


A controlling mind is required for the KINESIS to function properly. Without such a mind, the system will go into stand-by mode, self-destructing all nanites except nine. They will remain that way until a pre-set signal is received which will activate the construction of more nanites and the synthesis of an interface for the user (new or old) to connect with. The default user for the only KINESIS in existence is the Melumsi species, making it impossible for any other mind to control it. (It is unknown whether Araiah changed that restriction before he died.)


Operation of the KINESIS is basically as fast as the user can think, on a micro level at least – for example, using an energy-based application or altering individual molecules. On a macro level, such as construction or alteration applications, there is a lag ranging from microseconds to several seconds for standard applications. For example, changing the user's hand into a three-foot blade would take around three seconds, changing fingernails into claws would be within seconds (constructions being completed at exponential rates, starting slow but rapidly accelerating), and creating a replica of a massively large broadsword would take around a minute to complete (or more, if the required resources are not immediately available).


One use of the system that still needs work is the retention of a user's consciousness during more strenuous or extreme shapeshifts. A non-Melumsi user is less susceptible to trauma when using the KINESIS than a non-Melumsi without KINESIS, but separation of any part of the user's brain from the body will result in mental problems and possibly brain-death. It may be possible to preserve brain functions by copying the entire mind onto a set of nanites and saving those patterns within the base programming, but this technique is theoretical and has not been tested. Also, loss of any of those nanites would result in mental problems and possibly failure to reconstitute the mind due to missing data. Melumsi users, however, would be able to maintain themselves even when shapeshifting into forms much smaller than the default shell state.

Other safeties include a user-set failsafe to prevent nanite over-production and self-replication. Measures include source isolation and self-disassembly.

The core nanites are protected against EMP and other computer-disabling attacks by the base-particle nature of the NANO microcomputer. NANO programming is held in neurokinetic assemblies and not electronics, making them impossible to short out.


The KINESIS nanites can utilize normal biochemical energy sources as well as bio-electric, kinetic, raw electric, radioactive (NOT RECOMMENDED) and thermal sources.


About the maintenance device for the KINESI System: This device serves as a diagnostic and storage tool for the KINESI System. A KINESIS user can back up the alterations made to his or her personal System on this device and also directly change the System's programming through a linked interface. WARNING: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL. Death or serious injury may result. Consult the project head before proceeding with any alterations.

—– Device Features —–

  • Device Description: White polymer shell (Dimensions: 2.5cm high x 5cm wide x 13cm long) with adaptive defenses (see security notes).
  • Device Description: Three embossed symbols (1cm square in size, all set centered within a recessed ovaloid area 4cm wide by 1cm high by .25cm deep) enable a selection of access interfaces.
    • [Lock] Toggles button lock. Press three times to unlock.
    • [Interface] Activates interface selection.
    • [Save] Takes a sample of the KINESIS nanites in the user's body and saves the data within them.
  • Device Security: NANO computing system with multi-level quantum encryption and adaptive defense firewalls with encoded decrypter.
  • Device Security: Stress sensors inside the casing activate defenses when attempts to dismantle or destroy the case are detected. They also anticipate impacts and activate defenses to compensate.
  • Device Security: Adaptive device defense system. Known defenses: Energy discharge (thermal, electric), spikes, sonic deterrents, aerosol products (tear gas, non-lethal nerve agents), and shock compensation in case of high-impact events (such as droppage or banging the case against a countertop in attempts to open it).
  • Device Security: Use of carbon aerogel storage for nanite backups to prevent easy detection of the nanites.

—– User Features —–

  • User Interface: Multiple language and styles.
  • User Interface: Compatability with all major operating systems and minimal adaptability to unknown ones.
  • User Interface: Internal computer backups of all aquired genetics and base-form alterations.
  • User Safety: Recommended resource for initial start-up: Raw carbon in any form, diamond recommended.
  • User Safety: Triple-redundant user confirmation required before initial start-up and assimilation.

OOC Information

This technology is currently unknown to the universe at large and unavailable for general IC use. Contact MissingNo via board PM for more information.

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