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Load Weight Reduction Device

Designer: Miles Gunn

Finding that the combined weight of a large quantity of supplies required for a single mission would weigh well over 150lbs, a pain in the neck (shoulders and back) for anyone, Miles decided to introduce a device which would be able to reduce the weight of whatever the device was attached to.

Technical Information

Using the same technology which was incorporated into the aether Gatling weapon, the “Load Weight Reduction Device” achieves its goal by emitting a field of anti-graviton particles in the area of the object the device is attached to, or within a pre-programmed area.

When activated, the device draws power from an attached power cell and feeds the power into a modified small scale graviton generator. This graviton generator can be controlled by remote, or by a small control panel attached to it. When operating at maximum power, the device can reduce the weight of an object which would normally weigh 1lb to .25 lbs. When activated in a “normal” setting, the device is able to reduce the weight of a normally 1lb object to .45lbs. The power cell of the device can last up to 30 hours on normal setting, and 15 on maximum. The figures of weight and time duration are directly reliant upon the gravitational field of the operating environment where the device is deployed.

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