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Neurokinetic Assemblies for Nanomachine Operation (NANO)

Created and Developed by Araiah Jal


Realizing that the available electronics were still too large for his KINESI System nanites and vulnerable to EMP and other computing malfunctions, and finding that alternate nanobot programming methods were also unsuited for his requirements for a fully functional, readable and writable computational system, Ariah developed a new system for storing information on the molecular level.


NANO is a combination of ideas. Dr. Jal took cues from biological neurons and combined the principles of their basic workings with a particle-based 'clockwork' mechanism to create microneurons. NANO microneurons communicate with each other by employing quantum particle separation to transfer information among themselves, creating a highly sophisticated microcomputer system that is impossible to thwart using common macrocomputing systems. It is essentially a mini-brain with sub-sentient AI (depending on the programming). Of course, this is an experimental system, and not all of the bugs are worked out yet.


The sub-sentience of the AI in NANO is permanent, since the microneuron system is enclosed and has no room for physical expansion and mental growth on its own. However, when multiple nanites are combined via the Quantum Particle Separation (QPS, pronounced โ€œquipsโ€) system, it could be possible for them to attain a collective sort of intelligence, but not sapience or sentience. This accounts for some of the instinctive self-preservation reactions KINESIS nanites have shown during testing when threatened. The NANO system is also very delicate, and will disassemble if the nanite's casing is breached. Fortunately, carbon fullerine is quite durable, so the system is safe unless ordered to self-destruct.


NANO microneurons operate using KINESIS nanite energy sources.

OOC Information

NANO is an experimental technology unknown to the universe and is unavailable for general IC use.

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