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Spectre Mk.II Prototype Powered Armor

Starting with the Elysian Anthedon Power Armor as his base this armor retains much of the same performance but was altered to fit the owner. The Anthedon was originally designed to be piloted by a Arch-Angel Elysian and stood at 8 feet. It now stands at 6.8 feet and can be operated by a Minkan. This second overhaul incorporates Technologies from both the Section 6 and the Frontier Manufacturing Service as part of a personally funded experiment in the application of new-age gravity-based weaponry in combat.

About the Armor

The first Spectre Prototype Power Armor, now referred to as Mk.I, was aesthetically similar to the original Anthedon Power Armour imposing and graceful, lacking sharp lines and consisting of flowing lines and curves. The wings of the Anthedon no longer served as wing sheaves for Elysian operators but still amplify both the Mk.I and Mk.II's shields and propulsion. The empty space for the previous owner's wings have been utilized for different purposes. The wings are now semi collapsible and each contain a HONEY PUNCH, granting this armor the ability to produce massive amounts of power. To support two extra reactors a small heat sink/radiator has been added to each of the wings.

The Anthedon specialized in high speed and agility, combined with considerable ranged assault to make up for its inferior melee skills relative to the Mindy. As such it had fairly heavy fire-power, a state of the art CDD system, combined with a sophisticated computer and shielding system.


The Anthedon is a imposing and yet extremely graceful figure, the surface of the armor is decorated with soft swirling lines. It is humanoid, with a head shaped helmet. It's silvery metal plates have been painted with a textured clear coat finished to reduce it's shiny look. The halo has also been removed.


The Spectre is fast, agile, heavily armored and carries enough firepower to deal damage even to a light starship. The a unique combat style of the first iteration used individual graviton projectors that needed independent management. The new system is a networked system that uses the suit's Continuum Distortion Drive, Combined Field System and gravitic drive to provide 360° of coverage, more than the pilot should ever need.


Parts are hard to acquire for Anthedon power armor, even after the redesign, thus making repairs to Spectre Mk.II difficult to perform without changing the design.


Speed STL: 0.315c
Speed FTL: 1500c
Speed Planetary: Mach 4.
Speed (Underwater): 44 knots.
Range: The Power Armour can supply the pilot with nutrients for up to a week.
Lifespan: Ten years, considerably longer if serviced regularly.

Armor Size

The Specter Mk.II is marginally larger than the Mk.I in nearly every way and is at the smallest end of the medium powered armor spectrum as it has difficulty operating inside of confined spaces such as buildings even with the wings retracted.

Height 2.07 meters / 6.8 ft
Width 1 meter / 3.2 ft
Length 1 meter / 3.2 ft
Weight 150 kg / 330 lbs

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • DRv3 Tier: Tier 5, Medium Armor

Getting In and Out

With an encrypted telepathic cue the arms extend upward as the upper section of the chest folds upwards, connected to the collar under the helmet which “looks up” as it tips backwards. The cavity for the operator is now open.

The abdomen of the armor should cover the operator's abdomen after sliding in, at which point the interior from the abdomen downward compresses. The lower half of the armor is now secure.

The operator now reaches his hands up into the interior of the arms which cues the armor to lower the upper assembly(arms, chest, collar, helmet) over the rest of the operator, compressing like the bottom. The suit is now sealed against vacuum and the operator is fully dressed.

Exiting the armor is the same process reversed.

Controlling the Armor

The Spectre uses the Anthedon’s Superconducting Quantum Interference Device or SQUID, which non-intrusively detects the brain's electrical activity through detecting the minute magnetic fields. This specializes in detecting the motor and speech areas of the brain, meaning that the suit can detect all the movements the brain wishes to make and act upon it far faster than the pilot would normally be able to. It also means that the pilot can ‘speak’ to the armor, with the armor effectively hearing the pilots thoughts and acting upon them. In addition to this, it uses a telepathic system to interact between the pilot and the armor, effectively allowing for the pilot to control the armor as an extension of itself. In addition to this, the armor telepathically inputs data in to the pilot's brain, including the visual data from visual sensors, and creates the effect of a HUD in the pilot's brain.

Control Systems: Correct manipulation of an Anthedon takes some training to become adept with, getting used to relying on SQUID to reinforce movements, to get used to the increased speed and reaction time of the armor, and how the armor sometimes acts by itself. The combination between the SQUID acting upon movements while they are still in the brain, telepathically telling the armor to act and the predictive system takes some time to get used to. The telepathic systems means that it does feel like an extension of the operator's body however.


Candon Suites made this armor with the help of his Android for the purpose of combating hostile forces with no ties back to Yamatai. This was inspired after a discussion with Nakaide Shida, director of Star Army Intelligence, where he reminded Candon that use of Star Army of Yamatai equipment was not permitted for unsanctioned usage. And thus was born the need for a powerful PA for personal use in advancing his non-sanctioned missions.

Purchasing it from Second Chance Salvage Company in YE 38 his project began with the goal to not only modify it to fit his body but also increase its close combat performance. This goal was realized in what became the FSCorp Graviton Projection Equipment, a modified piece of powerful, but common gravity based tractor beam technology. This technology would be enhanced remarkably in this next iteration of the suit.

It's debut was made in early YE 39 on Nepleslia Prime during a joint assault with the Independent on a small shipyard responsible for manufacturing a fleet of ships for an Elysian criminal cell known as the 4th_elysian_celestial_empire, who was bent on forcibly taking control of Planet Osman from the USO, an action that would have a crippling effect on Candon's Frontier Service Corporation in its early stage.

The Spectre Prototype Power Armor would see limited usage until YE 40 while combating the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia invasion of Yamataian space. The suit would suffer critical damage due to a deficiency of cooling systems for space combat. The damaged suit would require an emergency overhaul to get it back in working order. Having already foreseen the need for serious improvements, Candon Suites prepared a new plan to completely restore the unit to be more powerful than before.


The Spectre Mk.II is an interesting blend of aging Elysian Celestial Empire technology and technology found within Independent. These systems have been modified to interact with each other in a uniform matter for optimal performance.

  • Conformal PSC Device: The armor is equipped with a Psionic Signal Controller, which protects the user from psionics, nullifying said activity. In order to allow the pilot to make use of his own telepathy, as a form of communication, the device can allow certain ‘channels’ of telepathy to be clear so that secure communication can be ensured even during telepathic assault. The PSCs field envelops the entire suit, but does not extend any further than two and a half inches off the armor, and thus avoiding the creation of a zone which can be detected.
  • Organic Computer: The computer for the Anthedon is that of a semi-autonomous, sub-sentient organism. This organism has extremely impressive processing speed and storage, and is very nearly sentient. It regulates all of the suits functions, takes care of all of the calculations needed, and helps aim the various weapons. It uses a trinary organic system, rather than the older binary system, DNA computing, but also relies upon some artificial elements of quantum computing.
  • Predictive System: This system was vital for the Anthedon’s survival against other armors and in mêlée. Effectively it predicts what the opponents next move will be using a number of parameters drawing of stance, last move and fighting style. It quickly ‘learns’ an opponent's style. Upon predicting these moves it then uses this to help block and counter-attack, finding openings far easier than the pilot would. It then actually controls the Anthedon’s movements, blocking and attacking without the pilots direct control, given that the computer can think and act faster than the pilot can. Given the adaptive nature of this system, combined with the organic nature of its component, the more it is used the better it becomes given the more data it gathers. Thus an Anthedon which has been used a relatively large amount will likely defeat a new Anthedon in mêlée. This particular predictive system is quite old and has learned the preferred style of its new owner.
  • Pilot Companion AI: In the event of a cyber attack the Specter Mk.II is equipped with an integrated FMS Pilot Companion AI called 'Watchdog' that is specifically tasked with monitoring the actions of the Specter and comparing it to the input from the operator. If too many deviations occur (ex. Remote system hijacking) the PiCo will take control from the organic computer and take its place while the organic computer reboots. The PiCo can also be called upon to control weapons or movements for the pilot to allow him to focus on the things.


Due to the damages sustained over time and the rarity of parts available for Anthedon Power Armour Candon has replaced a great deal of the original armor on the suit and installed several upgrades along the way.

  • Liner: After the aging organic liner finally died Candon needed a different solution for life support. Candon now wears a FMS Powered Suit to make up for the removal of the organic liner. This provides a measure of failsafe in the event that power is lost to the PAs nanomusculature as the powered suit can also provide strength augmentation, though not nearly to the point of the primary nanomusculature system of the PA.
  • Inner Armor: In traditional FMS fashion the Spectre Mk.II is shielded from electrical interference, electromagnetism, and dangerously high temperatures that can be encountered in a space battle. Candon made it protected to an extreme. The entire suit is double insulated using the FMS Aerospace Insulation Method over the nanomusculature which can recycle electricity collected back into the shields or weapons that require the boost in power most.
  • Outer Armor: Every plate on the entirety of the original suit has been replaced with significantly thinner Nerimium replacements that mount to chain mail made in similar manner which makes room for the graviton infused padding that serve to reduce blunt force trauma from an impact. These interlocking plates are angled for optimal deflection to dexterity ratio and a low profile collar guard is now present.
  • Helmet: The shell of the original helmet has been replaced by one made to match the inner and outer armor. It is now an angular close helmet in design with a horizontally cut, dual-paned, Transparent Durandium viewport for the cameras and other detection equipment with a nerimium partition to keep the user safe from the visible spectrum of energy weapons. Perhaps the best part is that the partition can be lowered for the user to see the devastation of enemies with his own eyes. A single UBC serves as auxiliary power for the helmet with a 24 hour discharge time.

The Spectre's armor has the defensive profile of a Medium Power Armor(tier 5)


The Spectre possesses multiple forms of stealth ranging from Optical camouflage, sensory deprivation, and field based stealth. Even the plates and feet are insulated to be exceptionally quiet when running, walking, or moving in an atmosphere where noise is a factor.

  • Active Camouflage: Using a sophisticated set of Volumetric display projectors in combination with the 360 degree sensors and Electronic Camouflage System equipped on the Anthedon the power armour is capable of putting the image on one side of the armour what is on the other side. The speed of the organic computer means that there is effectively no ‘drag’ in the image even if the armour is moving. The system can also be used to project other Volumetric displays around the armour, controlled by the pilot’s ‘minds eye’, which it turned in to a more complete image my a function of the organic computer. This allows the Anthedon to, from a visual basis at least, appear to be pretty much anything.
  • Zanarium Topcoat: 5 mm of Zanarium enamel encase the surface of the suit and can be energized to further enhance stealth properties so long as the surface is not chipped or damaged. If this should happen the backup system is the integrated Electronic Camouflage System designed by Section 6, which can attempt to fill in the gaps though severe damage will create spots that cannot be covered from radar. The suit can energize this zanarium indefinitely so long as one generator is devoted to powering this system.

Life Support

The life supporting organism of this suit has aged quite a bit and can still function as originally intended but has required supplemental equipment to remain effective at its duties.

  • Life Support: The organic center of the Anthedon is also a sophisticated life support system, recycling oxygen and supplying the pilot with water and extremely high nutrient pellets. The complexity of the organism means that the oxygen supply is recycled with virtually no loss, resulting in the pilot being able to ‘breathe’ for 28 days. An organ much like what we would know as a ‘Texas Catheter’, takes the pilots urine (if needed), and recycles it into the suits water reservoir for future drinking. Candon is both aware and unamused by the knowledge that the urine is recycled is for drinking similar to how the average arch-angel likes the idea of drinking his own urine, no matter how purified it was. This however, combined with the liquid that the suit comes with makes the suit capable of supporting the pilot for 28 days. Pellets and water are given to the pilot through a retractable synthetic tube that fits in to his mouth while oxygen is supplied through the respiratory system using a variable air mixture data just as oxygen demands change to ensure perfect oxygenation of the bloodstream. In the event of losing the helmet wz-g-1_emergency_helmet is present and capable of operating indefinitely as it is connected to the suits primary generator with a battery backup equivalent to it standard operating time of 30 minutes.

Power Systems

In terms of horsepower the Spectre Mk.II is no pony. This suit has massive output in matters of both propulsion and power generation. The heat generated by the monstrous triple generator design stays relatively cool even under its highest output thanks to the advanced cooling systems. The result is steady output under the harshest of conditions.

  • Power Generation: In order to supply the immense power demand for so many energy intensive systems the suit possesses it's original Aether reactor with an additional HONEY PUNCH nuclear reactor in each wing for a total of three generators. This triple generator design supplies more than enough power for weeks of continuous power supply at the highest output.
  • Cooling System: By means of integrating miniaturized Curie Radiator technology in each wing the Spectre Mk.II can now cool itself with exponentially greater efficiency. However, in the event of an overheating error there is coolant stored for an emergency flush however this can only be used once and reduces the heat capacity of the suit tremendously.
  • Combined Distortion Drive: The armor uses a combined distortion drive. In effect, the CDD sustains a small “pocket universe” around the vessel by nesting electrogravitic and electrostatic fields. The combined field can serve a number of purposes, including propulsion, and stealth; for this reason, it is almost always on to some extent.
  • Propulsion: For slower than light propulsion a Gravitic drive is used for its simplicity and ability to network with the other gravity manipulation equipment for extreme efficiency. Essentially this system makes the armor ‘fall’ at high speeds in what ever direction the Pilot wishes to go.

Sensors and Communications

Despite the age of the design the sensory and communicative abilities of the original suit are still exceptional.

  • Main Visual Sensors: The majority of the visual sensors are located in the helmet, including a high resolution optical sensor, capable of monitoring the entirety of the electro-magnetic band. The organic computer, by default, gives the pilot the image of the of the visible bands, often overlapping it with infrared data. The computer also records data in all other bands, including ultra-violet and micro-wave, but only notifies the pilot if there is something of note. The Spectre has a gyroscopically-stabilized view of up to 250x magnification. The original spotlight on the right hand side of the helmet has been replaced with a standardized night vision and thermal sensor.
  • Complete Optic Cover: Using the same sensors used for the Active Camouflage system, these provide the operator with 720 degree coverage of its surroundings in all of electro-magnetic bands. While the Pilot can not take in all of this data, usually relying on the Main Visual Sensors, the Organic Computer constantly observes, and both alerts the pilot to anything of significance (the Pilot can be shown the date from these sensors), and factors it in to the Predictive defense System.
  • Tachyon Tracking System: Faster Than Light tracking system allows for precise targeting of targets that would normally be impossible to hit due to range and the limitations of standard sensory equipment. Range: 294,000 miles (473,177 km).
  • Time-Modulated Ultra-Wide Band Radar: Signals transmitted by UWB radars are pulses generated pseudo-randomly. They are only 0.80 nanoseconds in duration. Since the energy of any frequency band is blow the noise the TM-UWB is highly covert. TM-UWB has no carrier frequency or conversion, and because of the low frequency content of TM-UWB signals, they are capable of seeing through foliage and non-metallic objects better than regular radar can. It is ideal for both atmospheric operations and operation in nebulae.
  • Quintessent Wave Differentialometer: This device gives the organic computer a highly efficient sensor by calculating the shape, mass and velocity of objects by looking at the ripples the objects make in the seas of energy. The QWD has a range of 150 miles (241.40 km).
  • Fire Control: Connected with the predictive defense System, the fire control sub-section of the organic computer can track around 20,000 targets at any one time, and monitors them for both defense and offensive purposes, using all of the suits sensory input to target sensitive areas of ships and armors, optimize its weapons power, range and frequency, guides the missiles and identify friendlies. If needed one or more of the weapons systems can be assigned to the Fire Control system, which aims and fires them without any input of the pilot.


The entire suit has been weaponized to the fullest extent possible and has become a platform for generating deadly gravitational anomalies.

  • Graviton Projection Network:

This system uses FSCorp Graviton Projection Equipments, propulsion systems, and even the shields across the entire suit to generate intense gravitational anomalies of extrordinarily powerful force considering the size of the unit. Capable of creating Graviton beams, waves, and fields 360° in any direction

  • Location: Built in to the forearms.
  • Primary Purpose: gravitic repulsion/attraction
  • Secondary Purpose: gravitational shielding
  • Damage: Extremely powerful kinetic forces. Emissions are not visible to the eye but it's effects are clearly seen as distorted light.
    • Beam: Medium Anti-Mecha( 8 ) per second
    • Wave: Medium Anti-Mecha( 8 )
    • Field/barrier: Medium Anti-Mecha( 8 ), creates a field that can defend against both beam and ballistic weapons. Beams tend to be deflected or diffused while lower-tier ballistic munitions tend to embed themselves in the field and remain there until the field is gone.
  • Range: 100,000 km as a beam, all other functions have effects within 30 meters.
  • Payload: Power to GPDs are supplied by the wing-mounted generators.
  • r23 Vertical Laser System (4):

The components of four Model r23 Personal Defense Weapons have been installed where the shoulder mounted missile launchers used to be, two on each shoulder. They are covered by a sliding armor panel that retracts when firing. Each Pulse Laser Emitter Assembly is equipped with G-TAM which is further augmented by the full body Graviton Projection Network to achieve a 360° field of fire around the suit. Though lacking killing power in a space battle the vertically firing cluster makes it easier to shoot while flying and is generally seeking incoming missiles automatically.

  • Purpose: Point defense
  • Damage: Light Anti-armor, tier 4
  • Range: varies based on atmospheric conditions.
    • Space:140,000 Kilometres
    • Atmosphere: 3000 meters
  • Rate of Fire: 550 RPM per emitter.
  • Payload: Only needs a small amount of electricity from the generators.


In the interest of being able to operate in overt SAoY operations there are hardpoints on the lower legs and lower back capable of mounting Mindy Accessories and Daisy II Accessories without modifications. The suit also has an adjustable binder on each wing and the upper legs equipped with induction chargers for the storing and charging of various items and equipment such as handheld equipment, UBC chargers, ammo pods, fuel pods, or whatever fits.

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