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The Star Army setting has an enormous number of products in the setting! This list automatically includes any product marked with a price. Note that some products may have their availability limited to certain purchasers (e.g. the military) or factions.

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#Product ImagePagePrice (KS)DescriptionManufacturerProduct Catgories
1Kodoku-Class Mining and Processing Facility1 ,350 ,000 ,000.00A Mining and Processing StarbaseYugumo Corporationspace stations
2Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation925 ,000 ,000.00A massive space station.Geshrinari Shipyardsspace stations
3Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser230 ,000 ,000.00Expeditionary Command Cruiser for the Star Army of Yamatai. Design updated to 2A in YE 43.Ketsurui Fleet Yardsstarships
4MG-Y Habitat "Omacron"150 ,000 ,000.00A massive space station for the Mining Guild.Mining Guildspace stations
5Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport75 ,000 ,000.00A spaceport.Geshrinari Shipyardsspace stations
6Island Class Mobile Colony40 ,000 ,000.00A large mobile space colony designed for settling systems with few or no habitable planets.Conclave Ship Works, New Dusk Conclave
7NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space Station8 ,500 ,000.00The NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space Station is designed to support corporate and manufacturing interests. Hibiscuses can be pre-built and deployed when necessary, simplifying the process of establishing a new outpost or corporate base within a given system. As with all Noval products, its interior is well-made and generally posh.Noval Heavy Industriesspace stations
8Ge-H3-1a - Sanza-Class Shipyard5 ,000 ,000.00A shipyard.Geshrinari Shipyardsspace stations
9Ge-P2-1a - Suribashi-Class Space Elevator5 ,000 ,000.00A space elevatorGeshrinari Shipyardsbuildings
10Kagai-Class Assault Ship1 ,800 ,000.00An assault ship designed to carry and deploy a Star Army CenturyGeshrinari Shipyardsstarships
11Urufu-Class Light Cruiser1 ,800 ,000.00Urufu-Class Light CruiserGeshrinari Shipyards, Ketsurui Fleet Yardsstarships
12Ge-C1-2a - Ookami-Class Light Cruiser1 ,500 ,000.00Civilian Market Cruiser.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
13Hephaestus Class Industrial Vessel1 ,500 ,000.00A large industrial starship able to mine and refine ores as well as produce goodsOsman Heavy Industriesstarships
14MG-MR-1a Dragon-class Mobile Refinery1 ,194 ,444.00A massive refinery ship. Its main purpose is to refine ore that was mined without the need for a stationary building.Mining Guildstarships
15Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter830 ,000.00A Super Freighter with both civilian and Star Army of Yamatai designs.Yugumo Corporationstarships
16Asuga-Class Tug600 ,000.00An Automated Logistics Tug Ship.Yugumo Corporationstarships
17Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B)530 ,000.00A medium cargo hauler. A refit of the original Seiza Hauler.Yugumo Corporationstarships
18Mobile Assembly Platform500 ,000.00A shipyard facilityOrigin Industriesspace stations
19Yūgure-class Merchant Destroyer500 ,000.00A merchant destroyer class ship; for pirate hunting and asset protectionYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworksstarships
20Starchaser III-Class Ferry485 ,500.00A civilian transport ship designed for PAINT.Yugumo Corporationstarships
21Misha-Class Explorer (1B)330 ,000.00A civilian explorer-class ship.Yugumo Corporationstarships
22Ge-L7-1a Ekitai-Class Liquid Freighter Ship300 ,000.00Liquid Freighter ShipGeshrinari Shipyardsstarships
23Ge-L6-1a - Taishita-Class (Heavy Freighter)300 ,000.00A heavy freighter.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
24ke-t10_shuttle.jpg"Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle200 ,000.00A new multi-role shuttle with variable configurations became available in YE 43.Ketsurui Fleet Yardssmall craft
25Ge-L4-1a - Sessou-Class Medium Freighter150 ,000.00A medium freighter.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
26Banshee-class Strike Frame140 ,000.00Noval's first answer to the Variable Frame space, the Banshee-class is specifically designed to swiftly close on an enemy ship, deal large amounts of damage, and be out of range before the ship can retaliate. It is extremely fast, but offers little protection to its pilot other than its outstanding maneuverability.Noval Heavy Industriesmecha
27VF-41 Sparrowhawk120 ,000.00A variable frame designed with the fighter mode as the foremost considerationOsman Heavy Industries, New Dusk Conclave, Exodus Fleetsmall craft
28NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration Vessel105 ,000.00The NH-Y-1 Mola-class was designed by Noval to traverse dense asteroid fields and post-battle flotsam. Originally conceived for exploration, its role has grown to include search and rescue and deep space mining.Noval Heavy Industriesstarships
29EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite100 ,000.00Geshrinari Shipyards, Emrys Industrieselectronics, space stations
30Ge-L8-1a - Jōkyaku-Class Passenger Ship100 ,000.00Passenger ShipGeshrinari Shipyardsstarships
31Misha-Class Explorer95 ,500.00An Explorer Class of Starship.Yugumo Corporationstarships
32Universal Hemosynthetic Fabrication System Type 4390 ,000.00The Universal Fabrication System is a starship subsystem, exclusive to the [[stararmy:start]] that utilizes the new [[stararmy:systems:nodal_liquid_conduit_system]]. It was designed by [[character:shinichiro_tomoko]] at [[corp:ketsurui_zaibatsu|]] for activation in [[timeline:ye_43]].

It is generally installed at the same time as the [[stararmy:systems:nodal_liquid_conduit_system]].
Ketsurui Zaibatsusubsystems
33Ge-Y2-1a - Hanto-Class Starship76 ,250.00A specialty Starship.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
34Starliner65 ,000.00Origin Industries Fleet Yardsstarships
35Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner60 ,000.00A Cargo Runner ship.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
36M19 Ryoko Mecha50 ,000.00A mecha developed for the Star Army of YamataiRyu Heavy Industries, Ketsurui Fleet Yardsmecha
37Princess Class Yacht45 ,000.00Origin Industriesstarships
38heavy_mech.jpgCyclops Heavy Combat Mecha42 ,000.00A heavy combat mech specializing in artillery.Osman Heavy Industriesmecha
39Super Spartan Upgrade Package42 ,000.00An upgraded general use combat mecha with built in weaponry.Osman Heavy Industriesmecha
40Ge-E1-1a - Tenba-Class Transporter40 ,000.00The Tenba-Class is a small workhorse spacecraft, larger than most shuttles and smaller than most starships.Geshrinari Shipyardssmall craft
41Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner40 ,000.00A cargo runner ship.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
42Ge-E1-1b - Tenba-Class Transporter40 ,000.00Personnel transport for the Star Army.Geshrinari Shipyardssmall craft
43Spartan General Combat Mecha37 ,000.00A general use combat mecha that fares better on the ground.Osman Heavy Industriesmecha
44Ge-T6-1a - Sukuu-Class Lifeboat35 ,000.00A lifeboat craft.Geshrinari Shipyardssmall craft
45Ge-Y1-5a - "Henkei" Patrol Variant35 ,000.00A Patrol StarshipGeshrinari Shipyardsstarships
46Ge-Y1-4a - "Henkei" Prospector33 ,000.00A Prospector Variant of the Henkei Starship.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships
47Ge-Y1-3a - "Henkei" Passenger Variant31 ,000.00Passenger Variant of the Henkei StarshipGeshrinari Shipyardsstarships
48BW-XA-1a E.A.S.E.30 ,000.00Armored Bipedal vehicleBlack Wing Enterprisespower armor, vehicles
49K-1 Bulldog/Type 41 Main Battle Tank30 ,000.00A modern Main Battle Tank capable of carrying an infantry complement.Osman Heavy Industriesvehicles
50Ge-Y1-2a - "Henkei" Cargo Runner28 ,000.00A Cargo Variant of the Henkei Starship.Geshrinari Shipyardsstarships

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