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The Star Army setting has an enormous number of products in the setting! This list automatically includes any product marked with a price. Note that some products may have their availability limited to certain purchasers (e.g. the military) or factions.

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Please note that only products with prices (in their struct data) will appear on this list.

#Product ImagePagePrice (KS)DescriptionManufacturerProduct Catgories
1pale_ale.jpg1.00The Forty-Two Yamatai Pale Ale is a smooth drinking pale ale. It has a very dry and crisp flavor profile with a refreshing finish thanks to the Yamatai Special Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
2gunship_lager.jpg1.00Gunship Lager is named with the mighty gunships of the Star Army of Yamatai past in mind; like the Sakura-class Light Gunship and Irim-class Heavy Gunship and features images of these two ships on their labels. Gunship Lager is a hearty deep flavored brew with undertones of peppery flavors from the blend of Nabari and Koukotsu Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
3lager_generated_with_dalle-mini.jpeg1.00A strong-willed Star Army of Yamatai Chujo with a long and distinguished service record deserves a beer that is equally as potent. In celebration of the retirement of Star Army Personnel Command's Director, Chujo Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori the Tokyo Brewing Company has formulated a power blend of hops for this brew that is fragrant and herbal in flavor and packs a punch that will send any other beer into retirement.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
4delivery_nanite.jpegDelivery Nanites1.00Nanites designed to encapsulate a drug and deliver it to the precise point in the body.Advancer Enterprisesmedical
5Dusk-gizer1.00An energy drinkBlack Wing Enterprisesdrinks
6Liquid Bandage1.00Emrys Industriesmaterials
7Mining Probe1.25Mining ProbeBlack Wing Enterprises, Mining Guildelectronics
8Contraveisalgia Tablet2.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
9Socks2.00Pair of matching socksKetsurui Zaibatsu, Bravemart, Origin Industries, Emrys Industriesclothing
10Neko Sparkle2.00Toothpaste for Nekovalkyrja, MinkanNeko Sparklecosmetics
11Plasma Jet2.50Popular citrus and berry flavored liquor that glows a shade of deep blue.Black Wing Enterprisesdrinks
12T-Shirt2.50Generic T-ShirtKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing
13Star Army Undershirt2.50Basic T-shirts used by the Star ArmyKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
14Instadrunk3.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
15Mineral Scanner3.50Mining Guildtools
16Endurance4.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
175.0010 x 280mm Borosilicate Capillary Bleed Tubes. 10 per pack.scientific
18s6-fg.jpgS6-FG5.00A simple fragmentation grenade that was available as a hand grenade or as a launchable 40mm cased grenade.Black Wing Enterprisesammunition, weapons
19Emrys Emergency Rations5.00Emrys Industries started creating Emergency Rations for civilian organizations and customers. They are similar to the Star Army Field Rations, Type 30. EERs come in reusable plastic containers.Emrys Industriesfoods, kits, survival
20Ionic Adhesive5.00The Emrys Ionic Adhesive is a two part product that binds objects at a molecular levelEmrys Industriesmiscellaneous, tools
21Kagayaki - Tsuya Nail Polish5.00Long-duration nail polishKagayaki Cosmeticscosmetics
22scrubs_top.jpegStar Army Disposable Surgical Scrubs, Type 325.00clothing, medical
23Star Army Field Rations, Type 295.00Diverse set of rations including canned, boxed, and vacuum packs.Ketsurui Fleet Yardsfoods, kits, survival
24Star Army Insignia Set, Type 417.00Arm patches for Star Army uniformsKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
25Sinus Alleviation Spray8.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
26Vigour8.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
27Star Army Prisoner Uniform, Type 338.00Neon pink bathrobe for prisonersKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
2810.00Microvolume pipet tips for Pipettors.scientific
29evap_dish.jpeg10.00Borosilicate Evaporating Dishes - 150mL, 200mL and 300mL volumes. 5 pack.scientific
30EM-G16-2a First Aid Kit10.00Emrys Industrieskits, medical
31EM-K4-2a "Zephyr" Law Enforcement Air Car10.00A police use variant of the Zephyr air car.Emrys Industriesvehicles
3225mm Autocannon rounds10.00A family of 25mm rounds designed for anti-power-armor and light anti-armor useOsman Heavy Industriesammunition
33Belt10.00Generic beltsKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing
34Star Army Field Rations, Type 3110.00Primitive dry rations easy to manufacture in cottage industryKetsurui Zaibatsufoods, kits, survival
35Star Army Belt, Female, Type 2210.00Belt for Star Army bodysuits, dresses, etcKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
36Star Army Belt, Type 3510.00Pistol belt for Duty Uniform Type 35Ketsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
37Star Army Exercise Bra, Type 4010.00Sports bra for female soldiersKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
38Star Army Tights10.00Tights for duty uniformKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
39Star Army Love Day Kit Type 4312.00A special tin of goodies produced for Love Day YE 43.kits
40Web Belt12.50Classic pistol and canteen beltKetsurui Zaibatsu, Zen Armamentsmilitary equipment
4115.00A novelty mug made with borosilicate glass beaker-style. Add Ship Logo for +5KS. Comes default with Hinomaru.scientific
42Calm15.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
43Kagayaki - Diva Dots15.00Skin LEDsKagayaki Cosmeticscosmetics
44Kagayaki - Hea Gel15.00Nanomachine hair extension gelKagayaki Cosmeticscosmetics
45Star Army Field Rations, Type 3815.00Tray ration with meat and grain, includes flameless ration heater.Ketsurui Zaibatsufoods, kits, survival
46Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 4015.00Uniform for exercise & workouts, sleepKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
47Serenity16.00Emrys Industriesdrugs
48bio_assay_dish.jpeg20.00Borosilicate BioAssay Dishes - shallow profile, 255mmx255mm. Packs of 50.scientific
49NDC Exercise Uniform20.00A unisex recreational/training uniformBlack Wing Enterprisesclothing, uniforms
50Age Retardant Drug20.00Emrys Industriesdrugs

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