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Propulsion Broom

The Propulsion Broom is a cleaning tool that was manufactured in YE 28. The Propulsion Broom is manufactured by Saparishta Honma, a company dedicated to creating more convenient household cleaning devices. To increase marketing the company also tries to sell their products to wide consumer groups such as military and off world. This particular item is found under the nomenclature of Broom, Propulsion. Specific models are then listed off via a series of alpha numeric identifiers.


Simply put, it is a tool used for cleaning small particles to medium sized chunks of debris (2ftx2ft diameter) from the floor. It is shaped like a regular push broom with a steel body, an internal battery source, and a small series of propulsive force emitters affixed to where the bristles would be. The handle is made of metal, can vary in colors, and is average length of five feet with a 1 1/2 inch diameter. The control box is built into the handle and is of rectangular shape (4 inch long, 2 inch wide, 1 inch depth). The controls for the propulsion unit are located on the rectangle and they consist of a simple on/off toggle switch with a small circular turning rheostat to adjust the amount of force emitted. There is also a one inch two prong port where the charger plugs in to recharge the battery pack inside the control box. The battery pack inside the control box is what provides power for the propulsion emitter. The propulsion emitter unit's size can vary. It is generally a rectangle one foot, two feet, or even four feet in width, two inches in length, by two inches in height. The unit's underside consists of one row of small two inch emitters which work together in tandem to gently push debris away from the user. The broom handle can be separated from the propulsion unit for maintenance, although usually each piece is simply replaced.

The broom is battery operated and uses a charging stand to recharge the battery. The charging stand is a thin three inch diameter cylinder with either a tripod or flat circle base of ten inch diameter. The broom itself assists with balance. The charging stand has the option of being permanently affixed to it's storage location via a series of hooks, brackets, or magnets mounted onto the wall. The stand has a three foot long cable that can be plugged into any power source so long as it is rated and adjusted to fit into the receptacle. Adapters can be purchased separately and are easily wired into the cable.

Every component is built from common manufactured substances and has no special dynamics.

General Use

Instead of having to provide and muscular force the user simply holds the broom before him and walks forward just like a push broom. The force emitted from the emitters pushes all small debris forward and towards the users destination. Aside from the effort used to hold the broom no other exertion is needed to push as the propulsion effect does the pushing for the user. Upon completion of the task the user returns the broom to it's storage compartment and affixes it to the charging stand for recharging. The broom is good for five hours of continuous use. One hour is generally required to recharge the battery to full capacity after complete expenditure. When being employed the user can adjust it for use on particles of various size. From dust particles to chunks of metal weighing up to ten pounds with a size limit of roughly two by two feet in diameter the broom will gently push them in advance of the user. Objects larger than ten pounds may as well be picked up and carried. Over use of the broom will not damage the battery or components but it will shorten the life span of the battery.


Typically a storage closet or any out of the way place. The charger can either be permanently or temporarily affixed to the designated location for storage. The broom can be stored upright or even horizontally.

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