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The Star Of Ascendancy

“The Star of Ascendancy” is a Yamataian fantasy romance novel written by 山下 三千代, Yamashita Michiyo. The physical copy of the book is about 300 pages long and has a dark blue cover with a stylized star burst embossed on the cover.

It follows the story of Aoki Momo, a female yojimbo to Lord Yamato Daichi as he travels from his kingdom, the Haesite Dynasty to marry his betrothed, Lady Sakakibara Tsumami of the Cilia Empire. Momo is in love with the man she is sworn to protect and must make the decision to confess her feelings to her Master or to suffer in silence in his service. A tale of unrequited love, sword fighting and national secrets.

Star of Ascendancy in Roleplay

Ketsurui Sora and Sumaru found this novel at a little bookstore on Planet Yamatai in Kyoto.

“Well the gentleman behind the counter was nice enough to tell me that you may take whatever books you'd like… so take more than one if you can't decide.” Sumaru said returning her smile and then placing the book he had in his hands back on the shelf. Then her words sunk into his head a little, he chucked faintly as he realized thought she may have not meant it, he was another of those indecisive things following her around. He didn't think much of it, but found it a little humorous at least.

Ketsurui Sora looked a little surprised by this, “Really? That's really sweet of him. I have to make sure that what I chose is really good then so I can better appreciate the gift,” she commented with an embarrassed smile. She looked back to the shelf and a couple of titles did catch her eye. The Star of Ascendancy? She pulled the dark blue book from the shelf and opened it randomly to a page. Her eyes were attracted to a couple sentences that read, “Every day she was with him, protecting him, she was filled with so much love that it over flowed into everything she did. But she said nothing, she was too afraid that he would turn from her and force her away… she knew he didn't see her as anything more than a guard but she couldn't help her feelings….”

Sumaru nodded and watched her curiously as she pulled out the book, and listened intently as she began to read over the page. His eyes widened in a small flicker of thought, but the show of surprise was quickly hidden. He felt the words relate sentence by sentence to his own life, as if he was the guard of which was in the tale, only he was not female. He inched forward to gaze down over the pages as well, scanning for the next passage. “I-It seems like an interesting book, Sora-chan.” He said in a faint whisper trying hard to hide his astonishment.

The next passage in the book went on about how she watched the way her master interacted with another woman in their party and how she wasn't considered a woman despite her true gender. Sora smiled again, “Yeah, it looks really interesting. I think I want to pick this one up. I'm curious to see how they got to that point.”

Excerpts of the novel can be found in the The Star of Ascendancy thread and it is a ongoing Freeform roleplay between Kim and Cadetnewb.

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