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Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor

The v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor is a prototype power armor made by the Minatu Empire Royal Navy. The only surviving unit belongs to Tacho. It was designed and manufactured in YE 39 during the Void War1)

History and Background

In YE 39, Lux Aurora Industries was developing combat systems for the Minatu Empire Royal Navy. The v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor was designed to be the ninth armor of the Krysis-Crixa line. The power armor was built but it was never put into production. Shortly after the factories and facilities Lux Auora Industries were destroyed in the Void War. Luckily the prototype was already handed over to the MERN for testing. It never was tested due to the course of the war.

In YE 42 the prototype was deployed with a fireteam that included Tacho and a group from the Iron Company to clear the planet Orab or monstrosities. Finally, after four years it saw use.

Not wanting to waste one of their main-line infantry armors, the MERN sent Tacho in the only remaining v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor, an untested and apparently unfinished design. After the battle, she ended up taking the armor with her when she became a cultural exchange officer in the Iron Company. Tacho is currently unaware of the Arrival of the Norians in the Kikyo Sector and assumes that most of her people have died. In YE 44, on an unknown world in the galactic south of the Kikyo Sector, Tacho is deployed along with her custom armor doing what she does, killing the ugly xenobiologicals.

General Statistics

General Information for the v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor.

General Statistics for the Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor
Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor
Year Introduced YE 39
Class/Nomenclature LA-MX-9A
Designers Lux Aurora Industries Lux Aurora Industries
Manufacturer Lux Aurora Industries Lux Aurora Industries
Fielded By Minatu Empire Royal Navy Tacho
Role Advanced Infantry Scout Armor and Skirmish Mitigator
Range Theoretically Unlimited with proper maintenance.
Maintenance Cycle When Tacho Wants. Which is often most of her downtime.
Lifespan Unknown 2)
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 4
Production Prototype
Pricing 250,000 KS3)


The v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor holds a feminine elf humanoid form. It has a lithe profile with wing-like structures that rise above the shoulders and a stylized helmet with a gold-colored visor. Like most Norian design ethos it has a very natural appearance with smooth curvatures avoiding blocky or chunky extrusions. The default livery color scheme is dark grey with teal-colored accents.


The Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor has speed and maneuverability as its advantages. This makes it a good forward unit to the Warden Technician in that it provides for that unit's weakness. It is generally assigned to a forward scouting position at the apex of formations that will pull back as the battle intensifies to become an urgent responder to skirmish positions.


The company and the people behind this design fell in the destruction of the Minatu Empire. This forces Tacho to be creative with her repairs and means a future of bash-kits and creative solutions. The armor on the Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor is relatively light, meaning it cannot take an excessive amount of punishment.


The Krysis is an infantry scout armor. It is designed to lead an apex position during scouting exercises and drop back to perform skirmish mitigation once the battle has begun.

  • Ground Speed (Running): 100 kph
  • Max. Atmospheric Speed: Mach 2.7
  • Max. Sublight: 0.20c(Ship to the planet, planet to ship. This is not a spacey power armor.)

Armor Dimensions

The dimensions of the Krysis:

Height 160cm (180cm including Wing Structures)
Width 100cm
Weight 79.38kg

Getting In and Out

The chest plate of the Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor opens allowing the pilot to side into the armor, much like putting on a pair of bodysuit pajamas. The pilot is always naked. The insulation membrane and the gel created by the ASIEP system have a tendency of making awkward noises as air is forced to escape between the membrane and skin. Tacho affectionately refers to this as her bad-ass queef. The chest plate is then moved back into place and the helmet can be adorned accordingly. Getting out of the armor is very similar in reverse, and generally the pilot has to shower to remove the excess gel from the ASIEP system from their skin.

Controlling the Krysis

After getting in there is generally a momentary feeling of a chill as the gel is circulated around the insulation membrane and as the Mindhive connects to Tacho's sthibon symbiote. The sthibon symbiote serves as a moderator for the Mindhive to deliver information to the user. The Power armor works as an extension of the pilot's body, and all readouts and visualizations are projected inside the mind via the telepathic link and the symbiote.


The intricate and powerful systems of the v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor.

Armor and Integrated Armor Systems

The actual armored frame and plates of the v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor are made of Niranium.Internal forcefield systems assist with mitigating stress put on the pilot. Nanomachine systems are integrated to help stimulate the repair and self-annealing of the Niranium, which are also used for nanoforging paint applications to create an active camouflage system in combination with a VGI4) system.

Armor Maintenance

Due to the limited availability of this substance Tacho will often use patches of salvaged Yama-Dura. She has risked her life on several trans-universal missions to her home universe to recover Niranium for the repair of her armor. She has a fairly substantial supply of Niranium on board her ship within the Iron Company fleet.

Propulsion Systems

The Krysis has at the base of its 'backpack' three compact salvaged and bashed Turbo-Plasma Drive that are used for sub-light transit. These are really only used for transit from the ship to the surface and from the surface back to the ship. The Krysis is primarily planetary armor. It has an anti-gravity system for flight in atmospheric conditions, as well as ion-based maneuvering thrusters for station-keeping and attitude control.

ASIEP - Life Support Systems

Activated Self-Sustaining Infusion Environment is a prototype system based upon the manipulation of biosynthetically engineered Leviathan material. Rather than being grown into a Leviathan Husk, the cellular material, in a gel state, is held in canisters fed by a nanomechanical stimulation device which deploys nanomachines into the material to stimulate self-replication. The gel is circulated through the insulation membrane of the armor to provide biological scrubbing to refresh the internal atmosphere, maintain a cool temperature, and remove carbon dioxide and other contaminants including urine and feces. Processed wastes are then circulated into the power system and vaporized with any carbon residues collected and jettisoned with the thrusters. The system can sustain the active pilot for seven days, then maintenance is required.

ASIEP Maintenance Notes

During regular maintenance Tacho must clean the insulation membrane to remove any uncirculated material or carbon waste. ASIEP canisters must be refilled from a stable purified culture of leviathan genetic material held within sterile lab conditions. Disassembly, Cleaning, and Replenishment of the ASIEP system takes approximately 30 minutes under ideal conditions.

Power Systems

Lux Aurora Industries provided the v.9 Krysis Crixa Prototype Armor with a compact β€œsafe” Asune Dimensional Energy Generator which has been converted to the dimensional address of Aether. It was designed to prevent the incursion of Asune Dimensional Entities into the power armor. The compact tap provides primary power and includes a capacitor system that can sustain the low-power operation of basic non-combat systems for up to three days should the main power source be. In some conditions the system will run, tapping the energy and filling the capacitors then severing the dimensional tap to run off the capacitors to reduce the emissions footprint of the armor.

Mindhive Suite

The small integrated mindhive suite which is grown utilizing Mindhive Technology has integrated implants from the ARIA system era to increase its computation skills and memory. It has a suite of integrated systems that are managed in tandem between Mindhive and Tacho's sthibon symbiote. The fully sentient system provides real-time sensors and communications information directly into the mind via the natural telepathic connection using the symbiote as a moderator.

The Mindhive sentience has identified itself as β€œS'thae” and serves as a willing and consenting companion for Tacho while she is inside the armor.

Integrated Systems

Standard Combined Sensor Palettes include:

  • Electromagnetic sensors
  • Electrogravitic sensors
  • Soliton sensors
  • Unified field mass/energy sensors
  • Neutrino sensors
  • Tachyon sensors
  • Aether sensors
  • Visual sensors
  • Mass Detectors
Communications Type Description Range
Quantum Communications Uses quantum entanglement for communications. Not used much now because other Iron Company units don't have this technology. 850 LY
Hyperspace Communications Uses FTL Technology to transmit communications 550 LY
Laser Transmits along the line of sight in a focused laser Line of Sight
Radio Traditional Wide Spectrum Radio 0.5 AU

Mindhive Maintenance

The nutritional slurry of organic and inorganic material inside the pressure-sealed orb the Mindhive is maintained in must be changed once every seven days during maintenance. The slurry is rather easy to produce through the processing of recycled food, organic wastes, and dust mined from asteroids or the surface of planets. Starvation can create confusion and Mindhive failures which can result in unexpected consequences up to and including the death of Tacho.


This armor is a one-off, entirely only used by Tacho. No others were produced or will be produced.5)

  • LA-M1-W3900 - Plasma Fletchette Rifle - DR 5
  • LA-M1-W3901 - Niranium monomolecular-edge longsword (2) - DR 3
  • LA-M1-W3902 - Should-Mounted Mini Missile Pods - DR 4
  • LA-M1-W3903 - Gauntlet Palm Pulse Cannons - DR 3

Feather Drones

There are eight feathers on the wing structures of the armor that are detachable they are actually small simple drones, with a basic mico-gravity drive, that provides optical sensor data. This extends the visual range and allows sight around corners and into tight spaces. The drones have a range of approximately 100km.

OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2022/11/11 17:04.

  • Art for this Armor was done by Andrew on Midjourney Bot
  • This was approved by Wes on 2022/11/166).
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Product NameKrysis Crixa Prototype Armor
DR v3 maxTier 4
Mass (kg)79.38 kg
Please Note: This Power Armor is one of a kind. No others were ever made or will be made.
The expressed warranty of this unit has been voided due to the company it was built by being dead.
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