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FL-10 "Porcupine" Flechette Rifle

Producer Information

Designer: Independent Weapons Incorporated

Manufacturer: IWI Northern Foundry, Funky City, Nepleslia

Price: 2400 DA

Individual Component Costs:

Gauss Propulsion Unit: 150 DA

1 Chain of Spikes: 75 DA

Nomenclature Information

Name: FL-10 “Porcupine” 10mm Flechette Launcher

Type: Gauss (Magnetic Propulsion)

Model: FL-10

Role: Military/Civilian Light Assault Rifle

Length: 3' 9“

Weight: 5 Kilograms

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Solid (PDR 3)

Firing Mechanism: Gauss Driver, Semi-Auto/Auto

Caliber: 10mm Tungsten

Effective Range: 350 meters

Maximum Range: 700 meters

Minimum Range: 0m

Muzzle Velocity: 824 m/sec

Muzzle Blast: None

Firing Mode(s): Semi automatic, automatic

Recoil: Light recoil.

Standard Ammunition (10mm Spikes)

Name: 10mm High-Grade Tungsten Flechettes

General Description: Long, cylindrical spikes of tungsten chained together for sustained fire for long periods of time. 4 fins extend from the spine and steady the spike on its course when fired.

Ammo: 60 spikes on a belt fed from a square magazine inserted into the side of the gun.

Bullet Description

The spike is a modified version of the original design, which was originally stake shaped. This newer design is basically a 1/4 inch, high-grade tungsten spine with four retracting fins, built to pierce personal armor (e.g ballistics mesh, cloth, leather.) The spike can pierce up to 1/4 inch of ballistics mesh with lethal force as long as it strikes a vital organ (brain, heart, lung).

10mm Shattercore Rounds

Name: Tungsten Shatter-core Rounds

General Description: 1/4 inch tungsten spikes with a tiny amount of impact-trigger explosives in the center.

Ammo: 60 spikes on a belt fed from a small box inserted into the side of the gun.

Bullet Description

The Shatter-core rounds are built with destruction in mind. Looking like regular High-grade spikes, the Shatter-core rounds, on high-velocity impact, shatter into shards of high-speed tungsten capable of damaging un-armored targets easily. The idea was for impact to duplicate the effects of a hollow-point bullet or shotgun shell.

Weapon Mechanisms:

Safety: Yes, a switch behind the trigger will retract all bullets back into the drum clip.

Fire mode selector: Yes, a switch above the trigger will turn on a reel beneath the action which will draw the chain through automatically when you pull the trigger.

Weapon Sight: Foresight.

Attachment Hard points: Optional flashlight/laser sight track on the right side of the gun barrel.

Maintenance Information:

Field Maintenance Procedure:

Remove stock. Remove front grip and barrel. Dissasemble action and take great care with a standard weapon cleaning kit to remove obstructions. Also, remove the clip and chain to get rid of a jam or run in the chain.

Replaceable Parts and components: Barrel, front grip, action, stock and gauss driver.


Designed as an assault rifle for law enforcement and civilian use, the FL-10 was intensely designed and rehearsed, numerous attempts being made to correct design flaws, such as adapting the design to change from the original titanium to a more effective tungsten round.

In early YE30, this design was officially accepted by the Independent Weapons manufacturing Board of Review and put into mass production.

OOC Notes

Authored by TeslaTornado and approved by Andrew on Mar 25, 2008 1)

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