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Integrated Retroviral Infusion System (IRIS)

The IRIS is a kind of ammunition originally developed for the Mutagenic Assault Weapon but also usable on other compatible platforms. It is known for its extreme penetrative power and versatility of payloads. The IRIS can deal substantial fragmentative damage against hard targets when filled with an explosive payload and detonated when fully embedded within a target. Alternatively, when filled with a virus or biological weapon, the target can be greatly preserved, only doing substantial damage to the lifeform inside a target. Other payloads may be used.


Produced in YE 40 by Iemochi Seinosuke for the Mutagenic Assault Weapon, designed as a way to deliver biological and chemical agents to the operators of power armor or other armor vehicles. It was later manufactured by Iemochi Innovations & Sales and used by Star Army of Yamatai, mostly in Star Army Special Operations.


The IRIS is projected from a suitable gun (such as the Mutagenic Assault Weapon by a primary propulsion source. Upon contacting the target's armor, the corrosive AP head ideally causes the shell to reach the enemy pilot. The canister integrated into the back of the system then deploys its payload as the tip of the shell splits open into 4 sections. Alternatively, some shells can be designed to have greater penetrative power and instead utilise small holes in the sides of the canister portion, which open once the shell is entirely embedded.

Generic Stats

The following are some generic stats regarding the IRIS round:

  • Size: 10cm
  • Caliber: 50
  • Effective Range: 2000m
  • Muzzle Velocity: Weapon dependent
  • Muzzle Blast: Minimal
  • Recoil: Minimal
  • Energy Source: Projected from suitable gun.

Ammunition Types and Purposes

While being named for viral payloads, almost any fluid can be released, from incendiary devices to spores, acid, explosives, mind-altering chemicals or other similar substances. There are many types of payload that can be fitted into a given IRIS shell due to the generic nature of the payload compartment and deployment. As long as the desired compound to be released can fit inside the compartment, it can be used.

IRIS Damage Quickchart
Payload Armor Damage Pilot Damage
Incendiary 3 (ongoing) 1 (ongoing)
Explosive 4 (instant) 2 (instant)
Acid 5 (ongoing) 3 (ongoing)
Biological Usually 0 (instant) GM-dependent (ongoing)

OOC Notes

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Product NameIntegrated Retroviral Infusion System
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