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Integrated Retroviral Infusion System (IRIS)


Produced YE40 by Iemochi Seinosuke for the Mutagenic Assault Weapon, designed as a way to deliver biological and chemical agents to the operators of power armor or other armor vehicles. It was later manufactured by Iemochi Innovations & Sales.


The IRIS is projected from a suitable gun by a primary propulsion source. Upon contacting the armor, the corrosive AP head ideally causes the shell to reach operator. The canister integrated into the back of the system then deploys its payload as the tip of the shell splits open into 4.

While being named for viral payloads, almost any fluid can be released, from incindiary devices to spores or even mind-altering chemicals to varying effects.

Generic Stats

The IRIS is around the size of a .50 calibre bullet. It is a flush cylinder with a AP tip, around half the length is made up of the AP point itself. The other half of the length is a hollow container, which may contain a payload to be released via small holes in this area of the shell. These holes open once the shell is entirely embedded in the target.

  • Size: 10cm
  • Caliber: 50
  • Effective Range: 2000m
  • Muzzle Velocity: 854 m/s
  • Muzzle Blast: Minimal
  • Recoil: Minimal
  • Energy Source: Projected from suitable gun.

Ammunition Types and Purposes

There are many types of payload that can be fitted into a given IRIS shell due to the generic nature of the payload compartment and deployment. As long as the desired compound to be released can fit inside the compartment it can be used.

IRIS Damage Quickchart
Payload Armor Damage Pilot Damage
Incendiary 3 (persistent) 1 (persistent)
Explosive 4 2
Acid 5 (persistent) 3 (persistent)
Biological Normally negligible RP-dependent

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