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Lg-23p EMP Machine Pistol


A seldom-seen weapon from a relatively small company, the Lg-23p is still one well-built weapon. Though relatively untested, it shows a lot of promise in its ability to essentially waste the important parts of anything electronic in a single mag or less. Also built with a lot of precision, using smart metal, nanomachines and reactive grip materials. Worth the price to make for a big surprise to the GM who isn't looking.


Type: High-frequency radio wave beam
Class: Pistol
Sub-class: Machine pistol
Model: Lg-23p
Sub-model: Lg-23a
Dimensions: 157 x 93.6 x 29 mm
Weight: 1,000 g
Rate of fire: 800 rnds/min, three-round burst, semi-automatic.
Range: 50 - 200 m
Energy rating: Fries most electronic targets in one or two shots. Would fry everything electronic inside a car. No organic damage. Battery removal button on left side.

Capacity: 20 through top-mounted proprietary battery.

Controls: Energy meter on left side of battery magazine. Dial above trigger sets width of shot. Sights adjusted by dial on top, which changes nanomachines to fit user's preference. Grip adjusts to user's hand.

Additions: N/A.

OOC Notes

Written by Zack. Approved by Wes on August 20, 20051).

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