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Mutagenic Assault Weapon

The MAW is a Anti-Armor Infantry weapon that can be used from extreme range. It was designed from the bottom up to penetrate an armor shell and kill the pilot inside without notably damaging the armor itself. Originally created to only carry biological payloads, it was quickly realised that IRIS shells could have a much broader array of possible payloads.

  • Concieved by Iemochi Seinosuke in YE40.
  • Price negotiable.
  • High capacity battery inside the handle.
  • Adjustable optic rail.
  • Compressor situated inside the stock as primary propulsion.
  • Used by creator, nicknamed the β€œErudite”.

About the IRIS-MAW

The MAW (Mutagenic Assault Weapon) is a custom-made rifle that appears to be a oversized dart gun or sniper rifle. It was designed as a solution to power armor's effectiveness in screening chemical and biological agents. This is accomplished by having the shells break through the exterior of the armor, upon reaching the interior releasing a payload while optionally continuing to bore until energy is depleted. The ammo designed for this purpose is the Integrated Retroviral Infusion System (IRIS).

Nomenclature Information

The MAW (Mutagenic Assault Weapon) is named for the fact it is one of if not the only bioweapon currently in service in the known universe.

The IRIS does not refer directly to the gun but the ammo specially designed for it. The IRIS (Integrated Retroviral Infusion System) is named for the way it has an integrated deployment mechanism, the fact it was originally designed to carry retroviruses and deploy them into the enemy combatant.


The MAW appears as a large anti-material rifle with designs aesthetically similar to that of Nepleslia. A rail for optics can be seen above as well as divets on either side to mount more rails or attachments. A bipod can be mounted to the front for long range shots as well as a small stand at the rear. Holes can be seen in the barrel, while the gun is powered by compressed air, these holes prevent the internal pressure differential from tearing the barrel apart.

Discharge Information

As the weapon needs only be powered by compressed air due to the aerodynamic nature of each IRIS round as well as the reduced weight from being hollow, the recoil and sound of the rifle are minimal. This allows excellent stealth as well as the potential to rapid fire between targets with considerably more accuracy than recoil-heavy weapons.

  • Muzzle Flash: Zero flash.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,799 ft/s
  • Retort: A soft puffing.
  • Projectile Appearance: The projectile may reflect light a little as it fires forwards in a blur.
  • Effective Range 2000m
  • Rate of Fire: 60RPM
  • Recoil: Zero recoil.


The ammunition used for the MAW is the IRIS round. These shells are designed to bypass the protection afforded by power armor via massive armor piercing potential. Once the corrosive-tipped shells bury themselves in the metal on impact, the payload is released into the pilot therein.

Weapon Mechanisms

The main firing mechanisms for this weapon are the air compressor, which gives a primary propulsion to the ammo fired and the ammo selection system, which gives the operator the ability to change between the different shells in a magazine on the fly as long as the operator keeps a mental note on what remains. While the weapon can be changed to automatic fire with decent RPM, this is generally ill advised. As many operators load varying shells into one magazine, emptying the magazine into a general area can cause very unwanted side effects. Incindiary rounds may set the surroundings alight, acid may be aerosolised and damage friendly units and worst, incredibly harmful biological agents may be released uncontained into the local area.

  • Firing Mechanism: Powerful air compressor gives the bulk of the power to the shot, the magazine is sprung to self load once the barrel is empty.
  • Loading: The weapon is loaded via magazine that sits halfway down the chassis of the gun. The battery for the compressor can be replaced in the stock
  • Ammo Type Selector: Different rounds may be selected on the fly as the internal loading mechanism can be switched to different levels in the magazine, which may be filled with different types of round. It is up to the operator to keep a note of where in the magazine the loader is set and what the next round is. The mechanism for doing so is in front of the trigger guard.
  • Mode Selector: A fire selector is located to the right of the rail.
  • Firing Modes: Single/Automatic
  • Safety Mechanism: A safety is located just behind the upper optic rail. There is also a two-trigger safety.
  • Weapon Sight: There is a single iron sight at the peak of the barrel in case there is no optic attached on the rail.
  • Attachment Hard Points: There are two divets on each side for rails to be mounted.

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