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Popular Expressions

These are SARP-specific expressions character might say or hear during the RP.

Please keep this list in alphabetical order. This list is for in-character terms only.

  • “Backseat Boner” – What happens when the passenger riding in an airbike gets too close to the driver.
  • “Pulling a Rufus” – Conducting an important activity (especially commanding in battle) while undressed.
  • “Sakura Party” – a Dare Lottery Party
  • “Spacer” – Not to be confused with Freespacers (Or 'Spacers, which is the same), Spacers are those that make their lives out on the stars. More notably, they tend to almost NEVER set foot on a planet. Spacer is usually used as a bit of pride from true Spacers, or as a curse from planet dwellers.
  • “Unexpected Maneuvers” – Unorthodox tactics, but can also mean inflicting testicular damage upon an unwary opponent. The perpetrator of such an act is also said to be getting 'Promoted'.

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