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List of Desired Starships

The following list is here to suggest designs that are needed in the roleplay for immediate or future use. If you like to design starships, please give these a shot.

Public Request

  • Several small, lower-end ships to give new players who want to start as captains.
  • Cargo ships (pirate bait, lol)
  • Police/Public enforcement vessels with equipment for detailed searches and the disabling of civilian starships

Star Army of Yamatai


  • Azorean colony ships or Hydrology Farm Ships (also will be for NMX as well)
  • Azorean Communication Satellites
  • Small fighter Sized Cargo Ships (pirate bait ship)
  • Interplanetary non-FTL Trade Ships or Ship-look-a-like Space Stations (large pirate bait ships
  • Gas/Underwater Mining Ship
  • Basic Fair Solar-Based Orbital Defenses or Planet Based Defense System
  • Other logistic type Space Ships.

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