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Aseri Ghebbi

Aseri Ghebbi or Aseri Enclosure is a suburban villa owned by the Aseri Zemith, located atop an artificial Amba near to la_hanya on Planet Nepleslia. Relatively modest in appearance, Aseri Ghebbi serves as a headquarters for the Aseri Zemith and as a residence for the Mesafint, his family, and Ras' close to the Mesafint.


The compound is constructed in a traditional Hanyadi style, with modern elements tossed in- a low privacy wall surrounds the entire compound, pierced at two points by gates wide enough for a single lane road to pass through. The interior of the compound is divided into a number of separate buildings: a private home for the Mesafint; a three additional yet smaller homes for the Ras'; a dormitory for staff; a small chapel; and an office building. Each building is styled to fit in, with gently sloping roofs covered in glazed blue ceramic tiles and an open construction meant to trap heat during the winter and allow for easy ventilation during summer. Each building is connected both by above ground shaded walkways and below ground passages.


The Compound has a number of features needed to fulfill its purpose.

  • Homes: The compound has four homes for the head families of the Zemith, with a large two story mansion for Mesafint and smaller two story manors for the Ras'
  • Staff Dormitory: This three story tall dormitory houses the staff of the compound in 36 single or family occupant apartments, 12 per floor.
  • Compound Chapel: A small chapel is placed within the walls of the compound, to tend to the religious needs of the inhabitants.
  • Administration Building: Taking up most of the southern half of the compound and sunken into the artificial mountain, the administration building takes up five stories, four of which are below ground. This building serves as an administration center for the Aseri Zemith and its numerous financial operations- it also houses a political think thank and forecasting room, that seeks to analyze the current course of politics within the sector to the benefit of the Zemith.
  • There is a central courtyard in the middle of the compound, complimented by a ring of gardens and parkland around the interior wall. The courtyard is made out of heat resistant ceramic tiles inlaid into a circles in circles geometric pattern, allowing it to be used as a landing pad for shuttles- guidance hardware is built into a corner of the Administration Building to assist incoming shuttles with navigation.


The Aseri Ghebbi finished construction in late YE 41 after construction was begun earlier that year. Constructed using funds earned from the Zemith's various operations, the compound is intended to replace earlier and less secure dwelling places for the Mesafint such as earlier villas and townhouses within La Hanya and its suburbs. Once construction was finished, the Mesafint and his family, along with the Ras' of the Zemith, began to move in as various operations relocated their headquarters to the compound.

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