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Bakufu is situated in an idyllic location, at the base of a spectacular waterfall, from which it gets its name.

Location of Ryou


Population: 4,350,050 4 million repatriated refugees.


Species Number
NH-22C Yamataian 100,000
Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 2,000,000
NH-29 250,000
Elysian 50,000
Jiyuuian 2,000,000


An SSS Campus was established based on the design of the original.

A Community Backup Center is present at the center of the government complex.

Rail System

Twin tunnels were dug using M.O.L.E.S. - Mineral Ore Location and Extraction Systemrunning from Bakufu to Ryou. Excavation took 60 days. Two Type 32 Rail Train has been put in place providing transport.

Bus Service

In YE 34 EM-K6 "Kouteki" Grav-Bus service was added to the city, and limited service to the other cities.


At the end of YE 34 work began to install a EM-K7 - Monorail system, with EM-K7 - Monorail Stations throughout the city. It connects to the long distance rail system already in place.


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