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Chie Research Base

Chie Research Base is a space station built from the damaged remains of a Blrakkrashiverinth Battleship. The location of the base was kept secret but it was somewhere in the small nebula south of the “Creepy Passage.” It was originally operated by the Star Army of Yamatai, but after the separation of the United Outer Colonies from the Yamatai Star Empire, the base was left under UOC control.

The exactly whereabouts of the base are currently unknown but they are once again inside Yamatai's territory.



Chie Research Base was built by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 30 (OOC: 2007) as a lab to study the Mishhuvurthyar.

Star Army of Yamatai

When Chie was commissioned into Star Army service, it was commanded by Shôshô Miyamoto Natsume.

Chie was assigned various units that were tasked with collecting salvage from Mishhuvuthyar battle sites and bringing it to Chie for study1).

In YE 30, Miyamoto Natsume, the station's head Researcher and administrator informed Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko that the Mishhuvurthyar were genetically related to Nekovalkyrja 2).

A network of PANTHEON's Eye Covert Sensor Probes were deployed around Chie. 3)

United Outer Colonies

After the UOC split, a captured Mishhuvurthyar Scout Ship assigned to Chie Research Base picked up Yamataian loyalists from the defecting YSS Asuka and YSS Asamoya4).

Research from Chie Research Base, including a membrane-based water circulation system, was used in the designs of the Ayana-Class Escort, Amaterasu-Class Cruiser, and Nir-Class Colony Ship and became part of Motoyoshi Fleet Yards Life Support Systems.

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