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Danketsu Station

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Danketsu Station is a Tsukiakari-class Space Station built and operated by the Intergalactic Transport Corporation, specifically the R&D Division. Most of the station's structure was being built from YE 36 to late YE 38, and the station was completed in November of YE 38.

General Information
Purpose Research & Development HQ for the ITC, General Waypoint
Location Orbiting Ushobrakflug
Crew ~4,000 Scientists, ~3,000 engineers, ~200 Security Personnel
Accommodations place for 25,000 people, 90,000 in emergency
Director Leading Scientist Skeggason Bjarkmar
Important Persons Harbour Master Dennet, Head Scientist Carsin, Security Chief Marmoun


While plans for a space station was proposed by Odaka in late YE 35, it wasn't built until the Tsiukari-class research was complete. Construction began in early YE 36. Kenichi and the newly recruited Bjarkmar oversaw the station's building process. While construction time initially was scheduled around six months, the construction actually would only take five months, due to nearby materials scavenged from the surface. After the central module was completed, the station was handed over to the R&D Division.

In June of YE 36, a asteroid sent by the Black Hand Syndicate hit the station. Luckily, it was on a part still under construction. The expected delay of the station's completion is undetermined.

The full completion of the station had to be rescheduled due to the attack, and it was finally completed in late YE 38.


Danketsu Station has state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, necessary for future ITC development. Currently, the station crew is hard at work on building an own transporter spaceship product line, essentially on improving an No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle.

The central modules are formed by the command module, the cargo area and the space bay, while each of the four arms are occupied, respectively, by the Project Dokuritsu-sei labs, Prime Development Facilities, Residential Area 1138, and Residential & Entertainment Area 2187.

While Danketsu Station is almost exclusively for ITC R&D personnel, the station is open for everyone if granted docking permission. Lately, a few local traders have set up shop aboard the station's space bay, the most notable being BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands. Aside from that, extensive housing has allowed for a wide range of other people to take up residence on the station, although primarily these are scientists and merchants.

Command Module

Central Command Deck

Also known as the “Scientist's Plaza” by the ITC R&D team. On top of the module is a panorama deck, which is open for visit. In the rear of that, there is the office of Skeggason Bjarkmar, with his secretary directly beside the door. Security personnel are housed in a small barracks and govern the many corridors of the module, as well as the main elevator to the Royal Plaza below. Bjarkmar's office is connected to the main conference room, where most of the daily meetings and monthly reports are held. This room is known as the 'Blue Chamber' after it's distinctive blue wall colour.

The Pink Chamber

Generally regarded as the quietest place on the station, this small room offers the occasional pilgrim travelling around the galaxy some room for meditation and silent contemplation, as well the place for quiet family meetings (especially for mourning). The room was build after requests from the two Yamatai pilgrims Aina and Kazuki. The ITC workers sometimes jokingly refer to the chamber as the 'Depressing Room'.

Royal Plaza

Directly below the Command Deck, there is a small round deck, named after the Emperors and Empress' of Yamatai. Access goes through the elevator, which goes from the space bay to the command deck, or by several escalators beside it. The plaza is filled with small shops at the side, and a big fountain shaped in a typical Yamatai art fashion, a small lotus leaf in the middle, in the centre for recreation.

Establishment Name Service Provided Date of Establishment Proprietor
Derrick's Space Cantina Food, Hot Drinks, Alcohol YE 36 Frank Derrick
The place for a quick drink and the latest gossip, This small establishment on the right corner from the entrance is a hotspot for smugglers and other scum alike. The owner, Derrick, is a retired pilot, and he is known for his storytelling of his often heroic adventures, although people are suspicious as to the truth of his tales. The security keeps a close eye to prevent any bar fights.
Craggers' Spaceship Maintenance & Repair Technological Servicing/Repairing YE 36 fam. Craggers
Located in the rear of the deck, this small and humble establishment is the place to get spare parts and small repairs. The family Craggers pose themselves as hard working citizens, and they do anything to keep the customer. They sometimes even renovate complete ships, but this is done on the space bay rather than in the shop.
Jeremy's Guns & Shots Weapons, Ammo & Grenades YE 36 Jeremy Derrick-Gerrards
The source for easy gun shopping and ammo refilling, Jeremy, a brother of Cantina owner Frank, keeps his customer happy by providing the last in weapon technology and ammunition. Although he is limited to selling hand guns, since his weapon permit was taken after a lunatic tried to fire a Standard General Assault Rifle trough the shop floor, his customers are still happy he is able to provide new guns every week.
Dyous BEST KEBABS Station Iromakuanhe Food YE 36 “Dyous Sahib Tahan”
While his brother has a stall in Prototype City Alpha, Dyous runs the store on the space station. He orders all the standard menu of all stands, but also has some local fish and rice dishes in his menu which come from the planet. Mister Dyous is a retired pilot, and will tell you all about his home world and his exploring adventures. He is not very fond of his big brother Fariq though, and tells little about him.
Figron's Galactic Cinema Electronic entertainment YE 37 Figron's D'Amvol & Solrum
With the electronic media getting ever more popular, with more and more popular movies and series coming out, Figron felt the need for entertainment on the big screen coming up. Therefore he and his livelong friend Solrum decided to build a big screen for themselves. With that came the first cinema on the station. Despite Figron's bold tales of huge excitement when you visit his cinema, the place is essentially a small room for tickets and food & drinks with the screen directly beyond the big doors. Although, Figron has being working on finding sponsors to expand his business, first building a second screen. Nevertheless it has become a popular source of entertainment on the station.
Mardon's Decoration & Accesories Warehouse Furniture, House Decorating YE 37 Lilliana Mardon
As a experienced interior designer for several years, miss Mardon has taken up shop in the station to offer her services in the decoration and beautification of the many apartments on the station. She offers a wide variety of furniture, art, woodwork and the like, allowing the station's inhabitants a cozier and lighter look of their home. Despite her never-ending, and sometimes annoying advices, her customers are always happy with their purchases.
Leward & Anthon's Entertainment Mess Hall Entertainment YE 37 Stan Leward & Carlos Anthon
Despite the increasing popularity of Figron's cinema, the need for other sources of entertainment still remained high. To accommodate for a little diversity in electronic entertainment, long-time friends Stan and Carlos have set up a small area with a few slot machines, pool tables and television for the occasional sport events. Although it has gained a reputation for 'having a bar fight every night', many people on the station come here occasionally to blow off steam.

Cargo Area

Directly below the command module, is the large cargo area known for housing anything ranging from scientific experiments, tools, various construction materials and many more goods shipped in and out for use across the galaxy and the assets of the ITC. At the entrance of the area, security teams, under command of Chief Marmoun, scan the cargo before entry trough a small customs office. Somewhat further down lay the ITC Archives, a collection of both electronic and analogue data-banks filled with the history, background and economic information of the company, as well as various information about Ushobrakflug. The corporate secrets of the ITC were relocated to a secured system, known as 'Vault 67', in YE 37 due to a breach by Black Hand.

Space Bay

Beside the cargo area, connected by a large tube to it, lays the space bay. It contains most of the ITC space-ships, as well as various independent freighters and ships used by the various bussinessmen on the station. The ships of the ITC occupy most of the bay, and are often guided to 'Docking Bay 94' the same callsign as in the ITC Headquarters. Ships from Yamatai are guided to 'Docking Bay 25' after Ketsurui Yui's inauguration. Taxi's to Yamatai or Ushobrakflug are guided to 'Docking Bay 278'. The Harbour Master directs the bay from a small dome in the centre of the space bay, from where he guides the incoming ships.

Research Facilities

Aside the command module, in one of the four arms of the station, the main research facilities used by the ITC are located. In here, various tests can be conducted on different projects. There are tests on pressure, heat, durability and gravity manipulation. Two special chambers, known as the 'Vacuum Twin Rooms', were designed specifically to simulate the (controllable) conditions of space. A special platform outside the station can be used for further testing in the vacuum of space. Currently most of the facility is utilised for the development of Project Dokuritsu-sei under direction of Head Scientist Carsin.

Prime Development Facilities

The last module to be completed, and the main area for production on the station. Aside from the working stations where foremen and workers discuss their daily work, there are several assembly lines with robotic arms as well as labourers, as well as multiple lines leading to a compact packing station, after which several tubes lead the products to the cargo area or directly to the space bay. Aside from that, Kone Station acts as a main visitor centre for both civilians and company interests.

Residential areas

At opposite sides from each other, lay the housing blocks where most of the crew and scientists are housed, as well as most of the permanent residents aboard the station, which include the businessmen and shop owners. Residential area 1138 is home for the bulk of the scientists and merchants, but is also home to the Yamatai & Nepleslian Embassies. A panorama deck in Module 1648 offers a 180 degree view of Ushobrakflug below. Residential Area 2187 is mostly reserved to speciality residents, in particular diplomats, analysts and citizens, and as such, is home to the Ushobrakflug Observation Post, which is a small station for ecological study of the planet below. Aside from that, the wing is home to Entertainment Area 2187, which offers residents from the entire station with several spas, swimming pools, hair salons and the like. In particular, the Silk Retreat is a popular bath house.


Module # Type Details
Central #1 Command module Leading Scientist Office, BEST KEBAB Kebab stand
Central #2 Cargo area enlarged, ITC Archives
Central #3 Space bay narrowed
1 Research facilities Project Dokuritsu-sei labs, completed
2 Residential area 1138 Foreign Embassies, Panorama Deck
3 Development facilities assembly lines, Kone Station
4 Residential & Entertainment area 2187 Observation Post, Silk Retreat

Important Places

Danketsu Station features the following important places:

  • Leading Scientist Office
  • Royal Plaza
  • Pink Chamber
  • Project Dokuritsu-sei Labs
  • ITC Archives
  • Yamatai & Nepleslia Embassies
  • Panorama Module 1648
  • Kone Station
  • Ushobrakflug Observation Post
  • The Silk Retreat

Docking Registration

Here is a list of registered ships docked at Danketsu Station:

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