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⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

Dokusei is a moon surrounding Ushobrakflug. It is known for being toxic and having high G-powers. Dokusei means “Toxic” in Yamataian.

Type: Toxic
Inhabitants non
Stellar Radius: ~0.17 AU
Circumference: ~10,000 km
Surface Gravity: ~2,18 G
Length of Day: ~17 hours
Length of Year: ~43 days

Dokusei is one of the two natural moons orbiting around Ushobrakflug, the other being Usuikuki. The surface is mostly made of toxic materials such as Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia which exist in gas form and large substances of Lead in solid form on a relative small surface, stretching merely 200 km deep. Beneath that, the lead is heated and is fluid, with a heavy core covered in liquid Ammonia, CO2 and traces of other liquid metals such as Iron and Aluminium. The temperatures resolve around 140 and 460 degrees Celsius. On hot days,the large amount of Lead in the surface might melt, and cause mayor fractures on the planet surface colliding with the remaining solid Lead. In general, the tectonic activity is very active, with liquid Lead constantly colliding with the solid layer above. This often makes for hazardous eruptions, rendering the moon even more dangerous.

The circumstances are mostly caused by the tidal forces of it's mother planet Ushobrakflug. The planet is not inhabitable at any point. It is not known why the planet has such high gravity, more than twice as normal. It's most likely attributed to the magnetic field of the planet, which causes the high concentration of metals in the air to cause an high pressure across the surface. Also, because of the fast spinning of the moon, the air speed of the gasses is dangerously fast.

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