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Empyrean is the capital city of Elysia Novus, and of the entire Elysian Celestial Empire. It is the gem in the centre of the Elysian crown, and a true source of pride for all Elysian people - it really symbolizes Elysia as the entity to which all Elysians owe their allegiance.

The city is a masterpiece of both architecture and city planning - there are no buildings within it which have not been designed to coincide perfectly with every other house, every park, every street is placed exactly where it should be. This is not to say that Empyrean is a city of uniformity - while almost every building is built largely of marble (with insulation to compensate for this rather unwieldy construction material) the styles of these houses changes greatly - while they do not 'clash', they are not uniform.

The city is laid out in a grid pattern with great squares and fountains - the roads are largely pedestrian as traffic is highly regulated, as is the air-space. The houses slowly become grander as one gets deeper into the heart of the city before reaching the centre - two enormous buildings. These buildings are the The Elysian Senate and the Great Temple of Elysia Novus. Towards the edge of the city there are the relative poor - although even these are extremely wealthy in Plebeian standards, but towards the centre are the great palaces of the noble families. Surounding the city is a great wall which is as close to a perfect circle as is architecturally possible - the wall is thirty metres high, and fifteen metres thick with inbuilt shield generators which can be activated when needed. The city is actually elevated within this - as far as the inhabitants ar concerned the the walls only three metres tall - and the gates have staircases to bring one to the platform the city is effectively built on. It has been theorised that Emyrean is actually resting on an anti-gravity disk - like the Elysian Heavens of the past.

It should be noted that there is not free passage for all Elysians into the city - it requires what is in effect a visa - and that foreigners are by and large forbiden from entering. Some Elysians have the religious view that foreigners would taint their holy city. For foreigners there is a large Elysian Diplomatic Institute outside the city where they can be met and spoken with by various Elysian representatives.

Elysians consider it, perhaps justifiably, the fairest city that has ever existed.

In YE 38, Trinary Star Shipping established a storefront in Empyrean. It was built in a traditional Elysian style with polished white marble exteriors, and all of its employees are Elysians.

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