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Fort Ready's Barracks

Barracks at Fort Ready are built with two above-graound levels and two below-ground levels.

  • Level 2 contains living areas (bunks and bathrooms) and a laundry room.
  • Level 1 contains living areas (bunks and bathrooms) and a reception area with a desk and phone.
  • Level B1 contains storage and instructor office/living areas and a medical room.
  • Level B2 contains a Zesuaium-armored bomb shelter, emergency supplies, and a locked-up aether generator. It also contains an armory vault for the recruit's training weapons. It is a restricted area, off-limits to the recruits except during emergencies and when weapons are being issued.


They have a light gray exterior covered in large stone blocks, white a dark gray slate roof and groups of three white-trimmed windows. The heavy metal double doors at the entrance lead down three steps to a cobblestone path to the central concerete courtyard. Two two above-ground stories are visible, as well as a strip of the first basement level, where some small windows are visible between the bushes surrounding the building. The grass is always well-kept.


The interior of the barracks is painted in white, and the floors are made of polished white marble tiles. The building is divided by its central entrance, where the laundry room sits on the second floor and the lobby is on the first floor; this divides the living areas into four sections, each with bunks for 40 soldiers.

Bunk beds have one bed on top, and one below. They have white sheets and light gray blankets, with white pillows. All of the linens are stamped with markings reading “PROPERTY OF STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI” in black. At the foot of each bed are two large black foot lockers, one for each soldier's possessions.

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