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The Galactic Hotel

The Galactic Hotel is a prominent feature in the Riverside district in Kyoto, Planet Yamatai. Standing at 273 m (896 ft), it offers its visitors a good view of the more dense Downtown and Imperial District, although the true view is that of the river from the east side. While not as tall as Kyoto Tower Hotel, the hotel is known for its luxuries.

The entrance to the Hotel is adorned with a large fountain with the statue of several former Empress' and several water spouts, which at night form the most beautiful colors. The lobby of the hotel is adorned with a large model of Kyoto, with the two Palaces prominently featured in the centre. On the wall is a large bird's eye view painting of Kyoto, and beside it a small portrait of Empress Himiko.

The great centerpiece of the hotel is definitely the massive staircase, that leads all the way up to the 87th top level. Aside from the staircase, there are 4 glass-enclosed elevators that allow visitors an outside view of the city as they travel up or down.

The Galactic Hotel is one of the biggest and most expensive hotels galaxy-wide, known for its visits from well-known celebrities and politicians alike. The hotel's management has been in the hands of Geshrin Hariki Yuko ever since the building's completion in YE 35. The hotel is also known for its hosting of political galas.


The Galactic Hotel has a total of 620 guest rooms, each with a standard high quality king-sized pillow topped bed with silk sheets, a dresser and wardrobe, as well as a standard bathroom with shower and bath. Each room has access to internet and entertainment channels, as well as a diner table with chairs, several leather chairs, and a small balcony with diner table. Additional services include a mini-bar, hot tub, one more sleeping chamber, pool-tables and gaming devices.


  • 255 Singles (100 KS per night)
    • Standard
    • Deluxe (120 KS per night)
  • 210 Doubles (160 KS per night)
    • Standard
    • King (180 KS per night)
    • Emperor (205 KS per night)
  • 105 Suites (255 KS per night)
  • 50 Penthouses (600 KS per night)


  • Valet Parking (+500 Places)
  • Private parking (50 Places)
  • Swimming complex
  • Sauna
  • Fitness complex
  • 2 Chic restaurants
  • 2 Bars
  • Room-service
  • Cosmetics area
  • Shopping centre

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