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Gemeni Memorial

The Gemeni Memorial is a memorial set up by the Neshaten in ER 139 to commemorate the deaths of countless hundreds who did not survive the trip to Nesha Prime, upon fleeing from a war that would've resulted in their total extinction.

The transport carried almost all former military, their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, having either fought in the war, or gave their lives so that their siblings or family could escape to what was felt to be a better future.


Gemeni is the name of a evacuation transport that bore of the name of the Wings of Gemeni. Gemeni was an eight hundred meter long vessel that arrived in the system in ER 000, the year that the Era of Restart first began. The ship suffered a catastrophic failure of its systems when the AI onboard failed to wake up the crew, additional failures resulted in the ship not slowing down and entering the planetโ€™s atmosphere at a high rate of speed.

The result was the ship breaking apart, upon slamming into the ocean, the hull bulked and shattered, killing all two million refugees on board, Myleke, Laibe, and Daur in mere seconds. Pieces of the ship were thrown for many kilometers, and no survivors were ever discovered.


Gemeni's Memorial Layout is extensive, stretching for almost twenty kilometers inland and fifteen out at sea. There are barriers all around the memorial to stop people from approaching the ship in areas that are deemed to dangerous due to unexploded munitions and crates.

There is a central plaque located in the one area of the crash site that is devoid of debris that has several tall granite walls. Despite the ship being destroyed upon it, the ships records all survived, giving the people a record of who was onboard the ship, these granite walls all have names of the deceased. There are another plaques located through the crash site, each one details what the section of the ship was, and how many people would've been located in that section.

โ€œThe ship rotated, moving in a three hundred and sixty degree rotation, showing all of its side and the exact details. It was an eight hundred meter long vessel; there were wings in the rear that were swept back. The engines were active, spewing forth fire from the rear as it entered the planets upper atmosphere. Then, as it began to descend, the ship lurched forward, then backwards as the onboard AI attempted to compensate but the ship was too fast. As it headed into the ground, the forward section split apart, sending it flying forward, while the rear skidded across the water - armor plating and decks being ripped apart. When the forward area hit the ground, it did so with so much force that it shattered even further, sending debris flying in all directions. In the water, a bright flash could be seen followed by a burst of water as the reactor exploded, this sent a tidal wave toward the shoreline, washing up more debris onto the sand. When the two halves came to a rest, there was barely anything left of the forward section, with the top decks now becoming the bottom and the bottom decks strewn about the ground for kilometers around. Cracked cryostasis cases were everywhere, some had bodies that were partway out, dead upon impact. Crates and supplies used to restart society were broken open, their contents strewn about.โ€ โ€“ Holographic Gemeni, rough representation of what happened.

Holographic images of the ship were eradicated in ER 693, showing what the ship looked like before it crashed, but there is also a holographic video that documents what happened to the ship and an estimate of how it crashed and the damage thereafter.

The entire crash site though is encapsulated by a force field, to protect it from the harsh planetary storms. There is also a diving station near the shore-line to allow people to dive to the wreck under water. There is a very large monument standing nearly six stories tall made out of granite that is illuminated during the night for all to see; the lights are the colors from the Neshaten flag.

As a show of respect, bodies were removed from the crash site and buried in a grave just a kilometer from the site.


Because of how large the memorial is, Shuttles are used almost exclusively for transporting individuals from one point of the memorial to the next. These shuttles also serve as a way for private viewing to occur. On the ground, there are multiple granite paths that lead to areas of the ship and other plaques, though there are also ground vehicles that can be used for moving through the memorial.


The plague that's located in the central area reads as followed:

โ€œHere lies the remains of those who tried to flee a Great War that would've ended all, though they did not survive to see this day, know that their lives and their sacrifices will live on in our hearts; that their souls have been released from this mortal existence, to be later reborn.

These individuals, may their names, may their sacrifice, not be in vain.โ€

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