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Âebi Udano (Gravity Drops)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

The Âebi Udano is the first planet side amusement plaza/park created by members of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. It opened up in 756 CY YE 37.

  • Location: the plaza is located 5 km east of Tioasme (Unity).
  • Price: Adult - 30 OW, Under 16 years old OW

About Âebi Udano

Rides for amusement existed on the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) for the past 50+ years. But nothing on the scale of Âebi Udano. It is a collection of rides that go through curves and hills and loops and more. Using their technology many of the rides feature reverse gravity causing them to accelerate upwards.


As with most amusement parks, there are refreshments and food available at multiple venues. Also also there are games for the guests to play and win prizes.

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