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Großartige Festung

The great Capital of the Abwehran Star Empire, Großartige Festung is located on Abwehr's Kapital continent. The largest city on Abwehr, it houses 1 billion of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of the planet. The city is built into a large circle that is consistently expanding, with walls to split up its eight districts.


Großartige Festung is split into eight districts; a district for the space dock and ship yards, a district dedicated to the government, two districts for mercantile affairs, two separate housing districts, and two districts for places of business. Each district takes up a large portion of land and expands along with the city, with the largest districts being the Housing and Business districts.

District 1 - Raumdock

This district is located on the north end of the city and is one of the largest districts on Großartige Festung, housing the space dock, as well as all of the grounded shipyards. This would be the district guests arrive at upon first landing on Abwehr. Along with the ship yards and space dock you'd find that this district also houses one of the three main security firms used to keep Großartige Festung in working order.

District 2 - Regierungsangelegenheiten

This district is right in the center of all the other districts in a perfect circle, much like the city itself. This district houses the Government proceedings of the Abwehran Star Empire. One would find buildings here such as the home of the current president, their family and their cabinet. Along with that, you would find the Judicial building and the Legislative buildings.

District 3 - Schick Geschäfte

This district is located on the eastern side of the city, housing all the large mercantile buildings that are mainly used to sell high priced things, and is mostly run by the government itself over single owners. One would find the second of the three security buildings located in this district.

District 4 - Klein Geschäfte

This district is located on the western side of the city, housing all the small civilian owned shops that are generally cheaper to shop at; such as clothing stores, food markets and the other low-end requirements for survival.

District 5 - Günstige Gehäuse

The poor district, so to speak, is located to the north eastern of the city. This is where people who live off the government would live along side those who just are middle or low class citizens in terms of money. Despite the district being known for poor, unsuccessful, or generally unlucky people the district is in no way dirty. It is rather clean and well kept, housing several different parks as well as decent housing for those who don't have so many luxuries.

District 6 - Teuer Wohnen

The rich district, in contrast to the poor district, is located at the south-western portion of the city. This is where the people who are rather successful financially live. You would find a large amount of big houses, as well as country clubs and the like located in this district. Much like Günstige Gehäuse district, everything is kept up rather well thanks to the government, there are several parks as well as sports fields located in this district.

District 7 - Bürogebäude

This district is located in the north-western portion of the city. This district is where all of the office buildings, and general desk jobs are located. Examples of businesses you'd find in this district are: Power Companies, Phone Companies, Bank Corporations and Call Centers. The place is rather neatly kept up much like the living districts.

District 8 - Produktionsstätten

This district is located in the south-eastern portion of the city. This is where you'd find the factories and other manufacturing jobs. The Abwehr Arms Manufacturer's warehouses and factories are located here, and due to the nature of the place the district is not as clean as the others, but still kept up rather well in comparison to other places.


Maps of Großartige Festung

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