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Weâmtesa (Haven)

Weâmtesa or Haven is the first settlement on Âtoma (Heart). Settling began in 755 CY YE 36.

About Weâmtesa

Weâmtesa pronounced wěāmtě-să is a predominately Tula settlement, though any Poku'vonai member can live there. Weâmtesa is slated to become a major agricultural resource for the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. It is located on the main continent south of the northern sea.

Weâmtesa follows the clan's standard template.

The area around Weâmtesa is lush forest land. Sections of the forest were first cleared to build the settlement. Next large sections are being cleared and turned into farmland. Meanwhile the timber that has been harvested has been shipped off world.

The initial planting fields were items common to the clan:

Live stock areas are under construction and stock will start arriving early in 756 CY.


Weâmtesa is projected to have an initial population of 500,000 Poku'vonai.


Total 100 % 500K
Qaktoro 10 % 50K
Tula 76 % 380K
Qakla 4 % 20K
Tuoro 9 % 45K

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