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Hoshi Ryusei Ranch

Hoshi Rysusei Ranch, or Shooting Star Ranch, is where Taiyou Hoshi houses her collection of agricultural workings, but has not yet had the time to sell or profit from them. The soft vegetable crops and a lively herd of yaks are cared for by two retired Star Army of Yamatai logistics Neko.


The history of Shooting Star Ranch can be found below.


In YE 39 Taiyou Hoshi requested land on Tami System through the Land Grants Program stating, โ€œ I am prepared to spend 500,000 for land on this planet.โ€ She was hoping to buy a large amount of land and have a farm to supplement such restaurants in the area with a nice piece of land that could take steppe waterways built into them to create wetlands or at least waterway conditions for growing delicate foliage on a large enough scale for hungry diets. This was her dream, which was realized as they granted her a free parcel of land. โ€œ1 square kilometer of fertile land on planet Tami, and one Star Army cabโ€ฆโ€ was now hers.

Fixer Upper

Hoshi was very excited and used her personal time that weekend to build the cabin with Deio Asuka. After the cabin was built, she called it a ranch and Asuka provided some sparse furnishings initially. In the coming months, Hoshi prepared her ranch's exterior while Asuka fixed up the inside of the ranch whenever leave permitted. Hoshi created terrain and hydro-plumbing in large fields, then by creating artificial creeks alongside the true waterways. She ransacked the planet for young tree saplings and shoots to forest the areas of her land that were not dedicated to wetland crops and created a small paradise of a microhabitat on her land- one day. It was all very young and not yet sturdy from enough sun and water in their new home.

Hoshi, meanwhile, had not been taking care of fixing up the ranch and left the outside to bloom with her water programs and the beautiful Tami sun to shine on everything that needed the energy. She went back to her ship to refresh herself with her friends, family, and life away from the muck and mud she had grown used to.

Goodbye, For Now...

On the last day of YE 40, Hoshi left Yamataian space and has not yet returned to her ranch. She was called away to wage battle against the enemy far away from the Kikyo Sector in the Kuvexian War. She does have visual feeds of the ranch from many different parts of it. Two veterans of the Star Army take care of the ranch and live in it but have also built it up to have more than the cabin's original frame housing rooms. They maintain the foliage, yaks, and small fowl of the ranch. All of the yaks are broken for riding and a group of school age children from a neighboring area come twice a week to learn animal husbandry and to exercise them with casual arena work and longer and more extensive trail rides around the scenic planet of Tami System. The ducks and geese remove harmful pests like slugs from the waterways and are tame, if not overly friendly. A few small yak shepherd dogs roam the herd daily to protect the large beast's blind spots. The yaks themselves have long glossy coats and are a very distinctly domesticated breed, though their formidable horns grow on all genders, female and male, of the bovid species.

Details About Hoshi Ryusei Ranch

The ranch grows specialty wetland vegetables that grow in the soils near streams and water and require full shade. Many of the largest trees Hoshi has acquired for the ranch are directly next to those waterways. Paths are laid out between the streams and even three small bridges exist for ease of access to the plants. The plants are ground up and used in hot paste mixtures alongside a meal. There are a number of different animals but the yaks take up the most of the ranch's space. Their pens are enbclosed but huge, taking up almost half of the kilometer lot, but they have several pens rotated for optimal grazing and grass re-growth rates. The ranch cabin itself is cozy and welcoming, but also has an open atmosphere one would expect from a ranch home.

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