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Hoshiutsu Studios

Hoshiutsu Studios is a large campus of several film studios, -sets and other buildings associated with film-making, in the very centre of the Riverside district of Kyoto. It is known for its many productions, as well as being the biggest exporter of film material galaxy wide. The complex spans for over 9 km (6 miles) wide and 14 km (9 miles) long. Access to the campus is restricted, and only through the heavily guarded main gates. The individual complexes are guarded by additional gates as well. The site of the studios is built directly on the site of the original film studios in Geshrinopolis, which were destroyed in YE 24.

On a side note, Hoshiutsu means starstruck in Yamataian. This name was chosen because to honour the exploits of the Yamatai Film Companies.

The original idea for Hoshiutsu Studios comes directly from a remake of the old film studios in Geshrinopolis. Most of the work was completed by a large group of workers, directed by the Yamatai National Film Institute, and in particular, famous producer Kelo Mati.


Waterfall Complex

In the middle of the enormous campus stands the largest of all the studios, and hosted over more than 150 movies as of YE 38. Apart from a two large modifiable studios, four set-pieces have accumulated over the years and include: a massive Wild West-style town with interiors; a massive Ancient Temple (which was used for Professor Yuko and the Secret of The Tomb); A Medieval-style castle and village; And a Modern Downtown set with interiors. Another important location on the Complex is that of the Crystal Studio, which was used for the production of several important practical special effects. Use of the complex is exchanged by several companies, who have to rent it independently.

Butterfield Complex

The home office of Stardust Pictures, this complex has all the needs for the company, who are known for some of the best film productions galaxy-wide. The complex is vast, including three studios; two set-pieces: A medieval village and a Science fiction Starship bridge and exterior; a big writing studio, with room for more than 150 screenwriters; A drawing room for computer-animation and hand-animated cartoons; A personal special effects and sound design studio, known as Goldlight Studio; And the big central office, Headquarters of the company, in the centre.

Crossroads Complex

Directly across the Stardust's complex, stand the buildings of it's immediate concurrent, Yukosfilm Ltd, known for its mostly Sci-fi movies. Although it is smaller, it nevertheless is the place of several important movies over the years. It has two studios; two set-pieces: A Sci-fi bridge and exterior and an alien planet; A writing studio with room for 80 screenwriters; A large IT -room for computer-animation; and a big special effects and sound studio known as Moonshine Studio, officially property of the studio's effects subsidiary, Lunarflix.

Craftsmen Complex

The smallest of the studios, further north, are home to several smaller film companies, the biggest of them being Animax Animations, who are mostly focused on both hand-crafted cartoons and computer-animation. Therefore it has almost no sets, except for drop-backs for animated scenes. It was here that several important animation movies were created.

Moonfield Complex

A small way north of the Waterfall Complex stands a few other independent studios, mostly reserved for the use of green/blue-screen and real live vehicle models used in films. It has been used for a wide variety of mostly Sci-fi films.

Lotus Tower

The official headquarters of the Yamatai National Film Institute, this massive tower filled with executive offices stands a little away from the rest of the buildings, in order to symbolize the independence of the YNFI. In here, the workers of the YNFI work, while the Board of Directors convene at the top. Every year, close to the ceremony of the annual Golden Lotus Awards, several secret meetings are held in the tower to choose the nominees and final winners of the awards.


  • Starstruck Plaza, as its officially called, stands guard over the south entrance to the Studios, standing a small distance from Waterfall and offering limited access to visitors. A large gold fountain, adorned with the likeness of Kelo Mati, the producer who financed a large part of the park.
  • Willow Studio is the official name of the cinema where critics are gathered for the early screening for movies, so they can review them before they are released. Another cinema, named Elk Studio offers services for foreign film critics, mostly involving dubbed versions and specific subtitles.
  • Monkeytown refers to the two casting studios on the northern end of the campus, where most of the famous actors & actresses are hired. They were built after the original Monkeytown, which was the main plaza for the film industry in Geshrinopolis before its destruction.
  • On the northern end, stands the smaller Motion Pictures Plaza, which is the only entry from the northern side of the Studios. A smaller fountain resembles a statue of Herika Mono, co-founder and first President of the Yamatai National Film Institute.
  • Redwood Lane is the official name of the street where the famous “Walk of Stars” is located, honouring many famous actors, directors and other important film persons. Each year, the Yamatai National Film Institute gathers on the street to reveal the annual Star newcomers.
  • Two bus stops go through the campus, one on the southern site near Starstruck Gate and another further north, near Monkeytown. One metro station, known officially as “Film Studios Central”, stops at the south entrance to the studios, and metro lines come in from north and west.
  • Memorial of Fallen Studios is the official name of a small monument park at the northern side of Redwood Lane, and commemorates old film studios which have since then gone bankrupt or were damaged in the destruction of Geshrinopolis, most notably Universal Cinematics. It stands on the former grounds of Universal's studios, in the centre a large monument resembling Universal's founders Maio, Michi & Sowaji.
  • The Cosmos Theatre, standing close to the Lotus Tower, is the official venue for the annual Golden Lotus Awards since YE 26.

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