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IIS Halberd

The IIS Halberd is the frontier hub for Iemochi Innovations & Sales.

The station was bought with a all-expenses-paid fleet (totally under IIS control), a time may occur that the Halberd leaves its current location - which is not likely to happen in the first several years of purchase. During the time where the Halberd is serving in its current location, the fleet and its onboard defences will act as security. If these forces leave their current location, IIS will be charged unless they sort out a contract prior.

The deal also extended to that in the case IIS wishes to buy planetary rights, the cost of the territory will be reduced by the cost of the Halberd. Sector 4 of the station is rented out for military training for whoever wants it. All products produced are made under IIS licence, all research is IIS. Section 1's tactical centre controls the IIS local fleet

The Halberd also acts auxillary shipyards and dockyards for Iemochi Applied Technologies, which will likely produce ships for its various clients such as Section 6.

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