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Imperial Stock Exchange

The Imperial Stock Exchange, known as the Teikoku Shōkentorihikisho in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), is a large financial centre in the Imperial District of Kyoto. It houses the headquarters of the Yamatai Stock Exchange, as well as many financial databases, and as such is nicknamed as the 'Financial Mainframe of the Empire'. Security is maintained by systems based on PANTHEON, and the Exchange is located at a t-junction between 'Finance Lane' - which is named after the building - and 'Bellflower Street', which leads directly to the Palace Square that houses the Imperial Palace and the Empress' Palace.

It is not easily distinguishable in the Kyoto skyline, as it is only 200 metres (600 feet) high and 300 metres (900 feet) wide; despite this, however, the facility stands higher than the apartment blocks around it. The building can be recognised from above due to the large round window in the ceiling that has the letters YSE engraved.

The building was completed in YE 25 to host the Kyoto Stock Exchange. Before that, the site had been the place of the Geshrinopolis Stock Exchange, and as such, the building had the same purpose; at that time, the building was significantly smaller than today. In YE 40, when the Yamatai Stock Exchange was formed, the building was expanded to house the expanding staff and services required for interstellar communications and the like. The building was reopened by Empress Himiko herself.


The following sections contain information about the interior sections of the Imperial Stock Exchange.

Central Hall

The central hall is located directly beyond the building's main entrance; in here, numerous electronic displays show the actual rates of the markets inside: the Yamatai Stock Exchange's share prices, the prices of petroleum, steel, coal, iron, aluminium and precious metals (including gold, silver, copper and platinum), and the prices of diamonds (including pearl, sapphire, opal, ruby, emerald, amethyst, and amber).

The hall is centralised around a large central ring that displays accurate sales prices around the clock on large television screens hung around the ring's top. Directly beside that is the place for press stands, including the famous 'Exchange Watch' informative show on Yamatai Interstellar News Network (YINN) and numerous economy shows on both public and commercial networks. Behind the ring - from the perspective of one standing in the main entrance - is the so-called 'Home Block', where the majority of stockbrokers, market makers, clerks, and firm employees are based. The hall is well lit by massive windows in the upper stages of the hall and a large circular window in the roof above the central ring, which has the letters YSE engraved in stained glass.

Director's Floor

Directly opposite the entrance and behind the Home Block are two staircases that lead to the second floor. Here, in one room, the Director of the Yamatai Stock Exchange is based, along with his advisors, secretaries, and legal personnel. A large conference room is directly beside the Director's office, where the managers and the director meet each start and end of the week.

In the other room, also called the 'Mainframe', the IT and Tech personnel - responsible for monitoring the Central Hall's proceedings and controlling the large supercomputers needed for the basic computer infrastructure of the building - are housed. The room is lead by the Head of Technology, who also meets with the Director. Beneath this room, PANTHEON systems were installed in YE 38 to aid in securing interstellar communications.

Empress Himiko Honorary Room

Directly aside the entrance, a small room was built in YE 38 to house the opening and closing bells and the Yamatai Imperial Charter that founded the Yamatai Stock Exchange, signed by both Empress Himiko, Premier Yuumi, Director Abu Habichi, and Deputy Director Ryu Akubo. Here, the opening and closing of each exchange day are held, sometimes rang by famous people; after that, the room is open as a Board Room, being used as a place for conferences, receptions, and public meetings. At the end of the room, a door leads to the Restaurant Oasis, where employees and their guests can enjoy both breakfast and dinner. The restaurant received a large expansion in YE 39 to allow for as much as 300 guests in at one time.


There are several smaller rooms that run the building. There are four toilet blocks - three in the main hall and one on the director's floor - and numerous nodes that allow access to YINN, SYNC, Lazarus, and SANDRA; additionally, there are two conference rooms aside from the Central Hall for holding private conferences. Coffee, drink, and snack machines litter the Central Hall for quickly re-energising, and there is a International Currency Exchange booth that allows for rapidly converting foreign currencies to KS - though most modern investors pay electronically instead of physically.

Below the building, a parking lot gives space to the building's employees and visitors. A large statue with a fountain - representing Premier Yuumi - is located in front of the facility, and two electronic displays aside from the entrance show a summary of the index inside.

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