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Imperial Theatre

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Standing in the heart of Kyoto, the Imperial theatre, officially known as 'Her Mayesty's Imperial Theatre, Concert Hall and Opera House', has been the site of many plays, musicals, concerts and even political events for many years since it's completion in YE 26. It is noticeable for its distinctive shape, although being smaller than most buildings in the Imperial District. It stands on the large Museum Square, where also the National Yamatai Museum and the MAM of Kyoto are located.

It is 40 metres high, and 100 metres broad. It has an extensive staircase leading into the entrance, with a statue of playwright and philanthropist Hiroi Mokichi, who funded much of the building's re-construction efforts. On top of the building stands a golden harp, symbol of music and also the logo of the theatre. The building is shaped in a slight ellipse, and the walls are decorated with an extensive mosaic, depicting the different โ€œArts and Sciencesโ€ that have been held in the building.

The building was rebuilt from the largely collapsed old Imperial Theatre, by architect Teramoto Shigeru and a large sum from Hiroi and the Yamatai Arts & Music Institute. It was designed for providing better acoustics, and also be able to house an large crowd. The building was completed in under eight months. The first concert in YE 26 was by the well-known rock band Royals.

Notable Interior Areas

Emperor Uesu Hall

When visitors have climbed the staircase leading to the entrance, they are led to a large entry hall. Here, guests are greeted and prepared for the shows inside. It is a meeting place for celebrities, as well as the press. There are multiple commodities, including a bar, wardrobe, and info booth. The doorman lead the patrons into the concert hall, which is the central part of the building. The corridors around them all lead to the Uesu Hall, and are used to guide patrons to their seats. The small Yui Chamber, immediately left from the hall, acts as a coffee chamber and offers VIP services.

Imperial Grand Music Hall

At the heart of the building, and actually filling up most of the building's space, is the main concert hall. Known as one of the best music halls, acoustically, in the Yamatai Star Empire, it has been the host of both classical and pop music concerts, opera plays, musicals, and a variety of meetings. The bottom floor has a seating for more than 1900, and 100 in the upper lobby, with 50 directly overhead of the podium. The Imperial Lobby Suite, directly aside of the podium, is regarded as the best seat in the house. The podium stands at the long end from the entrance, directly opposite of the doors. Along the columns are the names of many well-known composers.

The hall has smooth lines and ergonomic corners, all meant to increase the acoustic experience. The hall is almost 20 metres high, 80 metres long and 60 metres broad. These dimensions mean the hall is especially suitable for classical music, but unsuitable for electronic or chamber music. In fact, the reverberation of the hall is almost unmatched by many other music halls around the galaxy. Behind the podium, a large organ was installed in YE 37 to enhance orchestra concerts held in the theatre.

Empress Music Hall

Directly behind the Grand Hall, stands a smaller oval music hall on the second floor, meant for chamber music. It is only 4 metres high, 15 metres long and 10 metre broad. The hall can hold 400 guests, along with 20 in the upper lobby. Despite being significantly smaller than the Grand Hall, it has hosted a variety of well-known artists and chamber orchestras. Entry to the hall is from the outside corridor, that leads to a large entrance on the left side. Until YE 32, there was a small coffee chamber right from the hall, but this was later closed for the enlargement of the music hall. This coffee hall was then placed at the entrance.

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