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Inferno Wind

Located in Gate City, planet Valaad, in the An Rhy star system, the Inferno Wind is a self-described “spacer lounge.” It is one of the oldest known taverns in the SARPiverse, having survived the Qel'noran rebellion and two Mishhuvurthyar invasions and occupations during the first and second Mishhuvurthyar Wars. It first appeared in RP in January 2007.

Conveniently positioned near the starport, Inferno Wind is a hangout for starship pilots, crews, mechanics, smugglers, and desert prospectors. Because Valaad has been independent since YE 34, the planet has once more become a refuge for people who live lives outside of the laws of the nearby nations, the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


The walls of the tavern are made of thick layers of sandstone, stucco, and brick done in a traditional and haphazard style that shows how the building was expanded over time. There are almost no windows and there are frequent columns to hold up the sturdy ceiling, giving the lounge a dim interior with lots of nooks and crannies. To cut down on noise and for insulation, the walls are draped with elaborate carpets, which are always somewhat dusty with sand. The floor is covered in large, white, triangular ceramic tiles and more carpets.

The bar is surrounded by a ring of softly glowing lights on its exterior and has a hanging bank of view-screens above it that show a variety of video programming such as news and the fights on Darso VII's coliseum.

Hanging from the roof and rafters are souvenirs from the various wars, including Qel'noran, SMX, NMX, and Star Army of Yamatai uniforms and gear.

The scents of dust, chili spice, and strong alcohol fill the air while a strange alien chillout music softly plays over the soft rumble of air conditioners.

Inferno Wind has a back room for games, including dated arcade consoles and an old roulette table. This room's walls are lined with couches for observers and is concealed by a curtain.

There is also a smoking area, which is segmented by a atmospheric containment field generator salvaged from an old ship's hull. Everything inside this area looks significantly more nasty.

All prices are in KS but DA is also accepted.

  • Water or soda: 1 KS per glass (remember, this is a desert world)
  • Whiskey: 5 KS per glass
  • Bowl of Beans and Rice: 5 KS
  • Bowl of meaty chili: 10 KS
  • Daily food special (varies): 10 KS
  • Other drinks may be available open request

Patrons would do well to remember the bartender is not on the menu.


The bartender is an NH-29 with vivid bright blue eyes and forest green hair in a ponytail. Her name is Eir Sasaki. She smiles a lot and is dressed in a bikini top and cargo pants. She is really skilled at making drinks due to her incredible hand-eye coordination and her eidetic memory. Eir can also kill people rather handily using her bare hands or any available weapon or object. She used to be in the Fourth Standard Fleet and is a war veteran.

The cook, Sersaw, is an especially large Delsaurian with a jaw big enough to entirely consume a human torso. He's the strong, silent type.


“Washouts, problem cases, or just plain fed up with serving the army (any one, I don't care): I'm currently looking for eleven able-bodied soldiers to crew an independent ship operating in the outer territories. At this time I'm looking for two engineers and eight bridge crew…” –Terry Gillian, YE 29

Inferno Wind is a known spot for finding crew members. Some of the people present include:

  1. SVX-46: Technical Robot. SVX-46 has a dull silver shell and a radio antenna, and is equipped with a laser cutter/welder and other heavy tools. It speaks with a purring voice.
  2. Bonne Brison: Female Rogue. Bonne has cropped violet hair and light red eyes. She wears a form-fitting white jumpsuit and carries a tablet computer, a tube of lip balm, a spool of wire, a plush bear, a bowl, and a man's wallet.
  3. RLM-83: Exploration Robot. RLM-83 has a tracked chassis and a pair of heavy arms, and is equipped with various sensors and survey tools. It is cynical and serious.
  4. Hawnio Hite: Male Minkan Pilot. Hawnio is short and overweight, with long violet hair and opalescent eyes. He wears a gray jumpsuit and carries a semi-automatic pistol. He's carrying a book of matches, a can of whipped cream, and a plush cat.
  5. Jacquel Phardson: Female Nepleslian Smuggler. Jacquel has straight white hair and cyan eyes. She wears a military-style uniform and carries an energy pistol. Jacquel is a jaded thrillseeker.
  6. Morrigan: Assassin Robot. Morrigan has an open chassis and a targeting laser, and is armed with a concealed fletchette pistol. She is is gullible and loyal.
  7. Thera Gonzal: Female Human Explorer. Thera has curly black hair and hazel eyes. She wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a tablet computer. Thera speaks with a quiet voice.
  8. Jesi: Female Qel'noran Mercenary. Jesi has yellow scales. She wears powered armor and carries a military rocket launcher. Jesi is guarded and fanatical.
  9. Markeith Murphy: Male Human Scientist. Markeith has white hair and sharp amber eyes. He wears current fashion and carries a needlegun. Markeith compulsively sings.
  10. You see a bearded Jiyuuian wannabe who is staring into space. He's wearing fiery patterns and an improvised armor. He's got a 12mm RPB pistol and a Portable Repair Kit. He has orange hair and black eyes. He calls himself “Chocolate Pain.”
  11. Lita Sander is a talkative Human with reddish brown long straight hair, bright green eyes, and she has her eyes on you. Her highly flexible figure is dressed in a shiny black tube top and black booty shorts. She has an adult toy in her palm and a perverted grin on her face.
  12. You see an old Nepleslian assassin who is requesting backup. He's wearing nondescript casual clothing and no armor. He's got a Type 28C/C Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol and an SDI Water Filtration Device. He has no hair and piercing light blue eyes. He calls himself “Spaz.”

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