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Itc Standard-Issue Garage

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

“Quality, built for you”
-ITC slogan on doorpost

Seen troughout Yamataian space, these standard models, invented by the Intergalactic Transport Corporation in YE 37, act as the main workspaces for most of the ITC's engineers and vendors, as well as the main shop for customers. They are small, single-floor shops that allow for several vehicles to be placed inside, as well as a few racks for products.

The building of these garages is mostly handled by the ICD Planetary Group, while the managing and organisation is in the hands of the ICD Production Group. Since it's inception, there have been a few places were venues have opened, mostly on Ushobrakflug and Planet Yamatai. Further expansion is in the pipelines, and is currently centred around urban centres throughout Yamatai space.

About the ITC Garage

Aside from the offering of maintenance and repair services, the ITC's own product are sold inside the shop, as well as many tools and appliances, and even drinks and snacks for the travelers, essentially becoming a small supermarket in itself. The reason for this is it's wide use, to allow garages to be opened along highways and spaceports. The products prices are equal and united. Although they are only shown in Yamatai KS, foreign currency is transferred via the International Currency Exchange. Several independent garage owners protested against the coming of the ITC-owned garages, fearing that it may put small start-ups out of business.

There are two types of garages: ITC's self-owned sites, and franchise holders. They differ little, except in personnel and assortment. The franchise holders are semi-independent from the ITC, but still carry the ITC Garage formula to allow for the name to be used. It is not unlikely to find garages next to space-ports or close to Star Army of Yamatai Bases and Facilities, but those are mostly franchisers.

The garages all have a standard lay-out. They are mostly comprised of a small shop, with several racks and a cash register, behind which most of the retail offices are located, as well as the manager's office. Directly aside from the small shop, there is the entry to the main part of the building: the garage. Depending on the sizes of the vehicles, the garage can store up to 6 vehicles. There are always a total of up to 4 workstations, were vehicles can be lifted and repaired, most times 2 designed for cars and 2 designed for bicycles. Some shops specialize in certain vehicle types, while a few are also set up specifically for the needs and vehicles of the Star Army of Yamatai. Most garages can offer repairs for most brands, from Origin to NovaCorp.


Every shop has a specified and standard outline and assortment, but can be expanded for other uses.

  • Dimensions: 35 m(106 ft) long, 21.5 m (65 ft) wide, 2.40 m(7.3 ft) high
  • Services: Maintenance & Repair, retail
  • Personnel: ~10 (6 engineers, 3 retailers, 1 manager)
  • Building costs: ~15,000-22,000 KS


Most products are sold on display in the shops at the front of the garages, but some bigger products are stored at the back.

Engineering Products

Foodstuff & Drinks

  • Thrust!: 2 KS per bottle
  • Speed!: 2 KS per bottle
  • Milk: 2 KS per carton, 500 ml
  • Yoghurt: 2 KS per pack, 1 l
  • Butter: 1 KS per pack, 500 g
  • Cheese cubes: 2 KS per bag, 20 g
  • Beef jerky: 2 KS per kg
  • Chocolate cream bar: 1KS
  • Candy: 4 KS per bag, 300 g
  • Nuts: 1 KS per bag, 50 g


Car services

  • Oil refill: 15 KS
  • Painting jobs: 40 KS
  • Wheel replacements & repairs: 120 KS
  • AC repairs: 80 KS
  • Wind-shield replacements & repairs: 60 KS
  • Engine repairs: 100-160 KS
  • Vehicle cleaning: 20 KS
  • Car battery repairs: 100 KS
  • Spark plug replacements & repairs: 40 KS
  • Lights replacements & repairs: 60 KS
  • Annual MOT test: depending on vehicle, 30-120 KS
  • Complete Renovation Program (CRP): 550 KS

Bicycle services

  • Lubricate soothing: 5 KS
  • Painting jobs: 5 KS
  • Adjusting: 5 KS
  • Handlebar/ seat replacements & repairs: 10 KS
  • Peddles repairs: 15 KS
  • Light replacements & repairs: 5 KS
  • Brakes replacements & repairs: 20 KS
  • Chain-case repairs: 30 KS
  • E-motor repairs: 45 KS

Notable Locations

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