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ITC Headquarters

⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

The ITC Headquarters is a corporation complex built and worked in by the Intergalactic Transport Corporation. It consists of the main cicular tower in the front, two factories behind it, each worked by one division, a small shipyard and several personnel quarters. It seems humble from a distance, but inside the true working spirit of the ITC can be seen. The area surrounding the structure is known as the “Battletorn Fields”, which was lately rehabilitated by the ITC. The fields were lit with scrap metal.

General Information
Purposes Commanding office of the ITC, Production and Repairing of ITC products
Location Ushobrakflug(western continent)
Crew ~13,200 engineers, ~1,000 scientists , ~6,000 maintenance crew, ~1,000 security personnel, ~200 marketing personnel
Director Takahashi Kenichi
Important Personnel DM Kinzo Odaka, DM Monique Velaquez, Foreman Edgar, Harbour Master Jeremy, Security Chief Hyousuke, Lead Scientist Akio, Manager Alvin
Costs 300,000 KS/ 600,000 DA

Important Places

Surrounding Areas

The building stands in the middle of a nature-rich environment. Thus far, most of the surroundings dominant features have been named in both Trade and Yamataian languages.

Battle-Torn Fields

As the name suggests, the Fields were the sight of a big battle between the First Expeditionary Fleet and the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) during the destructive First Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 28. Therefore the place is littered with scrap metal from spaceships and ground vehicles. The place was lately scrambled for the use of its metal by the ITC. A small memorial, a single stone with the writing: “ For the life of her Majesty the Empress, we laid down ours in the glory of the battlefield.” Was erected to commentate the fallen soldiers.

Bluestone Peak

A small distance to the north of the compound, a big hill known as Bluestone Peak is found. Both the biggest mountain in the surroundings of the building and a popular choice for tourists, the compound can be seen from the top as an impressive structure. From here, the Hanburu Stream springs from a glacier, which forms an impressive waterfall. There is one small house near the top of the hill, inhabited by an old man by the name of Tetsu, who often visits the waterfall for his inspiration of magnificent paintings. One painting, known as “Bluestone Valley by Night” hangs at the entrance of the Headquarters.

Bluestone Hills

Around the Bluestone Peak, there is a small ridge of hills, known as the same as it's peak. It is not only known for its trekking and backpacking routes, but also home to a thriving community of farmers who came here in search of a better, more rustic live. Although the area is sparsely inhabited, the farms can be seen from afar, with inside the true household of a hard-working farmer ad his family. Although it is illegal to camp wildly on the hills, inside a farmers territory it is permitted, and even encouraged.

Hanburu Stream

Springing from the Bluestone Peak, it is a small and gentle stream, which passes south-east, alongside Prototype City Alpha al the way to its estuary near the Legion V base. Although it is only a small river, hence the name “Hanburu” which means humble in Yamataian, it nevertheless is a source of fish and irrigation, as several farms and fishing camps have been set up down by the riverside.

Hokori ni Oumu

As the biggest fishers community in the vicinity of the base, this little fishing village, so to speak, is both a big supplier of fish to local stores, as an tourist attraction for the people who love the original Yamataian architecture and culture. It stands eastern of the HQ, past the Hanbura Stream, in a natural harbour on the shores of Xafurst Sea. The village is build on a series of floating floors upon which the houses stand, with the village centring around a central marketplace. The village is accessed trough the hills, or by the natural creek, although the rain throughout the year make it difficult to reach the village by the shore.

Iwa no Chojo

Not far from the summit of Bluestone Peak, Hence its name which means “Summit of the Rock”, there stands a small hamlet known for it's tavern, “ The Golden Sage” run by the famous bartender Yukio. Although there is not much beside the tavern, three or four houses, the hamlet is well known as a resting place for trekkers and backpackers alike. Also farmers from the nearby hills travel to the hamlet, not only to supply the tavern but also for a chat and the latest gossip.

Mamoru Overlook

A small distance south of the compound, on the road between the Headquarters and Prototype City Alpha, a small checkpoint was established by the soldiers of Legion V, to protect merchants and businessmen on the way between the two structures. A small tower stands watch over the road to guard against highwaymen, bandits and the like. A similar tower is located a small distance north from Prototypce City Alpha, known as Keibi Overlook, guards the road from the south. Together, the two towers maintain security on the dangerous road between the two places.

Chukan Sakaba Tavern

Located at the middle of the road between the ITC HQ and Prototype City Alpha, stands a small tavern known as the resting place for many merchants who travel between the two places. Although it is a small building, only supporting for little more than 40 men, it is nevertheless popular as a resting place for travellers on foot, who also enjoy the rustic view of the countryside. A train station was added in YE 37 to act as a stop for traders and tourists.

Indoor Areas

a map of the location grounds in YE 38

A few important spots can be found inside ITC HQ. All of these are connected by a large system of ladders and bridges, which the Engineers jokingly refer to as 'The Takahashi Highway'. Interstellar communications are available across the complex through various SYNC nodes.

Takahashi Tower

Also known as the Tower of Directors, this is the place where Director Takahashi Kenichi and other leading staff give orders and coordinate the company's actions. It is a spiralized tower, mainly consisting of glass. The Director's office is located directly on top of the tower, along with the office of his secretary and his spokesman. Directly below are the offices of the governmental representatives, liaisons and interpreters, mainly those of Yamatai, Nepleslia and Elysia. A permanent satellite communication is present, to talk to Danketsu Station, which orbits the planet at a near-geostationary trajectory. This was the first structure to be completed.

Koizumi Station

This is the place from which Kinzo Odaka orders and builds many of the ITC infrastructure, ready for shipment for throughout the galaxy. It is also the place from where the IMD operates, with Division Manager Monique Velaquez. Descriptions of mechanics usually are along the following lines: “It is a junk-yard filled with cables, wires, loose equipment and many more. The only difference with a real junk-yard is that it has a roof.” The DM's have their office facing each other on opposite site of the facilities, just above the main structure in small hexagonal towers, accessed via the two elevators, or the overlook that runs across the roof of the station. This is also the place where their secretaries and foremen coordinate.

Kakudai shipyard

A small shipyard, from which the ITC sends most shipment off-world. It is also the main trading hub for the HQ. Currently holds 2 ITC owned Mule Ultralight Freighter. The shipyard has a harbour master, who commands from above the shipyard in a little pentagonal tower. Also there are several garages and a few load-and-unload points. A small train platform, which leads to Prototype City Alpha, is located at the western wing. Governmental shuttles from Yamatai have a designated dock, known as 'Hangar 30' after the year of Empress Himiko's inauguration. Taxi shuttles from Yamatai to Ushobrakflug are flown to 'Hangar 94'. In YE 35, a small train station was added for the transport to Prototype City Alpha and the Legion V base.

Forskning station

Although most of the R&D Division has been relocated to Danketsu Station, a small R&D team still works inside the HQ. It has recently been increased to a number of ~1,000, from an initial ~200. They are in charge of testing the Danketsu Station data on a normal surface. A small block on top of the station is home to a few scientific instruments for research purposes, including a small centrifuge capable of achieving 3 to 4 G, as well as a soundproof chamber and a heater. Next to the compound, on the rooftop, a small meteorological station was set up to predict weather patterns around the HQ. The station currently is in command of Lead Scientist Akio, who has a direct communication with Danketsu Station through satellite communication. In YE 37, as small obstacle course was set up next to the complex to allow for test with various vehicles, although it is linked to Hanbai Station rather than Forskning.

Keisatsu Post

On the fourth floor of Takahashi Tower, the main security force are housed. They have access to security cameras, surveillance equipment and in the worst case, light anti-vehicle and anti-air weapons. From here, the bulk of the Security team monitor everything that goes on inside or outside the Headquarters, to act in case of a emergency or an attack. In YE 37, the bulk of the security forces were relocated to Tenparu Barracks, and Keisatsu Post was reserved for surveillance and interrogation services. Most of the secure communications, including those of SANDRA, go trough here as well.

Hanbai station

Only completed in YE 37 after the marketing team was established, this small station, nothing more than two briefing rooms a meeting room and a large conference room in the centre, is a small expansion building directly beside Forskning Station. There, the 200 marketing personnel are hard at work, under command of Manager Alvin, developing new selling techniques and strategies. It is also the place where the main access to YINN is located. in YE 38, a small film studio was built in the compound for advertising purposes.

Tenparu Barracks

In YE 37, with the increase of the number of Security forces, most were relocated to a small barracks, a former bunker which was long closed until it was rebuilt and refurnished in order to house the security forces the ITC had hired. Aside from the many cabins where hundreds of guards are housed, the massive dining hall in the centre stands out the most. It is also a checkpoint between the ITC and Legion V, who occasionally visit the compound to meet and converse with the security staff. Chief Hyousuke commands from the centre of the barracks.

Kyaku Station

Completed in YE 38, Kyaku Station acts as the foremost visitor centre to the HQ, offering informational tours and guides. More than 1500 props of equipment are stalled throughout the station, in essence fulfilling the role of a small museum. It also acts as the main starting point for tourists, by offering tours around the HQ and beyond. Although it stands at the far side of the building from the Sentoraru Square, several special corridors lead directly to the station, practically avoiding the whole facility.

Sentoraru Square

Just a few feet from the main building, this small round stone-layered square acts as both an entrance point to Takahashi Tower and as a marketplace for the local traders. Several shops have been set up permanently to provide for various goods. In YE 37, a fountain was erected in the centre of the square with in it the initials of the company, as well as a picnic area at the side of the main entry road. Flag poles were placed on both ends of the Square, on with the new flag of the ITC, and the other with the Yamataian flag.

Establishment Name Service Provided Date of Establishment Proprietor
Travis' Goods Food, Hunting Supplies Est YE 35 Travis Goldenrod
Owned by a traditional Nepleslian hunter, owner of a small Hunting company, this small stands offers pieces of the local wildlife. They serve mostly deer and wild pigs. Also, the ordinary hunt tools such as knifes, traps and nets are available for sale there. Mr. Travis, 59 years old, is also willing to provide the basic hunting skills, in exchange of a little more money. If asked why, he calls: “ Hunting is business. So pay for it.” This is often met with frustration of the customer. Nevertheless, his skills with a wide variety of hunting weaponry is impressive to say the least.
Shimohashi Maps Maps, Tours Est YE 36 Fam. Shimohashi
Created as a way for travellers to walk around the ITC HQ, and also providing a variety of local tours around the ITC HQ. The stand is quite stuffed to say the least with many charts laying around, and sometimes it's hard to find anything necessary for most travellers. Recently, they have expanded their stocks to provide a general map for the surroundings of Prototype City Alpha. The family Shimohashi have been professional cartographers for ages since their family started.
Weiss' Pub Alcohol & Food Est YE 36 Silke Weiss
Harvested from her personal vineyard and brewery not far from the ITC HQ, this was the first small building on the square to be build. Actually not more than four walls with a few beer keg, wine barrels and a few round, two person tables. This pub offers all sort of alcohol and other refreshments, ranging from a slightly alcoholic drink to the heavy booze. Mrs. Weiss is in charge of the pub, and she also dubs as a bouncer, for she will kick you out if you try to beguile her if you don't have any money.
Darfig's BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands Iromakuanhe Food Est. YE 36 Darfig Tia'kaloiun
As the Kebab stand near the Legion V Base was very successful, the need for another Kebab stand near the ITC was naturalist encouraged. Since than, the number of Kebab stand has risen to an impressive number, in almost every public place one is available. Darfig was a well-known cook from Planet Yamatai before he took his services to this stand. Aside of the normal menu, a local speciality known as Akai Sakana (literally 'Red Fish') was quickly added by Darfig. The stand is very popular, especially for travellers and hikers.
Ashunta's Lounge Coffee & Tea est. YE 37 Hashimota Ashunta
Following the example of Tsuiguni Lounge in Prototype City Alpha, Hashimoto opened up a similar style-looking tea house near the ITC HQ. Although it is only a small pagoda built with cheap materials, it nevertheless counts as a sanctuary of peace on the Square. It offers various Yamataian beverages and Food. Although the place will never be as popular as Weiss' or even Darfig's Kebab stand, the small pagoda is definitely a must for the traditional Yamataians.
Kevin's Cantina Fast Food & Alcohol est YE 37 Kevin Tinkers
Just as Ashunta's place resembles Tsuiguni Lounge, the Cantina perfectly mimics Bapoon's Bistro. Same layout, same Menu, almost the same smell if you ask the customers. It serves the easiest edible and digestible food one can wish for, although it is not recommended to eat here every day. Kevin is even an acquaintance of Bapoon. No wonder they share almost the same menu and sense of layout. The place has even become more crowded than Bapoon's, because of all the ITC workers who come eat.
Dersis' Fishmongers Fish est. YE 37 Fam. Dersis
A small distance further from the Base, at the long end of the Square close to the Hanburu Stream, a small cottage is located. Inside is a small business owned by Fam. Dersis, who have been professional fishers since their family started. The shop is of course not as crowded as Kevin's, or even Ashunta's, but the small cottage is still a well-known place amongst the others, in that it serves the best fish in a very wide area. The cook, grandmother(!) Olda, is known as the best cook in all of Ushobrakflug. Some say that Darfig's Akai Sakana was actually first made by her. The place is especially popular for tourists, who want a taste of the local dishes.
Karsoon's Garage Vehicles, Repair & Maintenance est. YE 37 Hector & Franklin Karsoon
At the short end of the Square, near the entrance to the main compound, stands a small garage, in which the brothers Hector and Franklin repair and sell both mechanised and manual vehicles for the population, including products from the ITC itself. Despite the repairing and maintenance services that the ITC offer, the shop has gained popularity from the local population, who enjoy the brother's often joyful cooperation. The two are always in for good jokes, a quality that most people seem to choose over the often long time it takes them to finish a job.

Kofuku Park

Established in YE 37, this small park has a small playground and several picnic places for families. In the summer, it is the stage of the 'ITC Summer expo', where the ITC and other companies show of their new products. The park is also an important astronomical venture, as the buildings on Sentoraru Square block out most of the location's lights, as well as being a good spot for searching the sky.

Off-world Connections

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