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Ketsurui Dome

The Ketsurui Dome, officially the 'Kyoto Ketsurui Concert Hall' or Ketsuruidómu in Yamataigo, is located in the Downtown district of Kyoto. It was opened in YE 40 to create a new concert hall in the middle of the city and was named “Ketsurui” in honour of the Imperial family and the Dome's main sponsor, Ketsurui Zaibatsu.

It is 40 metres high and 12,100 meters2 in area. It is shaped as a square block (and as such is despite the name not an actual dome). In front is a large plaza that has two fountains, both with a sculpture of an electric guitar in the centre, and flowerbeds in the shape of a G-clef. Above the main entrance, which boasts 5 revolving doors, is the logo of Ketsurui Zaibatsu and the Yamatai National Flag. The outside of the Dome is adorned with a little over 1.5 million OLED lights which light up to display video images, adverts, and show announcements.

The building was constructed over a three year period, beginning in YE 37 with a large sum from Ketsurui Zaibatsu and yami. Architects Yuumi Katira and Chiba Tomikoro designed the building. The building received some critique for its location, which was near a residential block, however, the critics were met with guarantees of sound reduction measures, most notably by an underground parking garage. Eventually, the Dome opened in YE 40. The first concert was a collaboration between artists Vypëria and KOgama.

Notable Interior Areas

Below is information about the interior of the building.

Food Court

Around the main stage is a long plaza where multiple stalls are set up permanently for the selling of food, drinks, and merchandise. Several sponsored stalls include BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands, Ramen To Go, Meat On A Stick, and Sea Of Plenty. The merchandise is handled mostly by the artists' own label and generic souvenirs from Ketsurui Dome Services. There are several tables around to sit down and eat at, a restroom, and several lockers. During after-event sessions, the guests do autograph sessions in another corner of the court. Two stairs lead up to the tribunes, while several doors lead to the ground floor. The west end of the court ends near the entry to the main stage, as the backstage is located beyond there.

Main Stage

In the very centre of the Dome is the main stage. It consists of a ground floor and three tribunes that circle around the stage. The ground floor has room for 8,000 attendees, while the three rings collectively have places for 16,000 attendees. In total, the stage has a capacity 24,240 if the 20 sky-boxes between the second and third ring are included. The stage is mostly reserved for concerts and spectacle show, however, it can be modified to become a sports venue, with facilities for ice rinks and tennis.

Backstage facilities

Beneath the west end of the main stage - in an area restricted to staff only - is where most of the technique of the building is located. Lighting, sound, and electrical systems are stored there. They are obscured from view, and the only visible part is the 'Mechanic's Chamber', which faces the stage and is surrounded by glass. This is where the lighting, sound, and stage directors operate during shows. Behind the technical chambers, there are costume and make-up rooms and guest chambers. They are all connected by a narrow corridor, which leads to the backstage entrance and the main stage.

OOC Notes

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This article was inspired by the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

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