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Ketsurui Nebula

The Ketsurui Nebula is located to the galactic northeast of the Yamatai Star System, to the north of Anisa System and to the east of the Tami System.

Prior to its destruction in YE 33, the nebula was between a position once held by Hoshi no Iori and the Yamatai Star System .

The nebula is named after the Ketsurui Clan, the Imperial Family of the Yamatai Star Empire.


The Ketsurui Nebula is a nebula that is in the core of the Yamatai Star Empire's territory. Throughout history, it has been used by the Star Army of Yamatai and is visible as an aesthetically pleasing display of purple colors visible in the night sky from Yamatai (Planet).

The YSS Jade, under the command of Henry Chen, passed through part of the nebula in YE 26 on its way to Hoshi no Iori to rejoin its unit. 1) Similarly, the YSS Rave on route from Hoshi no Iori to the Yamatai Star System had to navigate around the nebula on its journey. 2)

The Star Army of Yamatai placed Scorpio Star Fortress, a classified research facility in the galactic northeast region of the nebula in YE 27. The YSS Sakura made several trips to Scorpio Star Fortress during its years in service.


The Ketsurui Nebula is a massive cloud of interstellar gases and dust.

Ketsurui Nebula

The Ketsurui Nebula is very similar to the Ayumi Nebula, but it is known for its more turbulent and disruptive conditions. The center of the nebula is a binary pair of Red Giant stars that are caught in the distant orbit of a powerful neutron pulsar. The nebula is a surging mix of nebular gases driven by shifting gravitic and electrogravitic (Scalar Field) forces, highly radioactive particles that have laced interstellar dust, stellar matter discharge that becomes more intense as you move towards the center of the nebula. The nebula causes disruption of sensors, communications, and propulsion systems.


The Ketsurui Nebula is only reachable by starship or other craft. Transit around the nebula is heavily patrolled by the Star Army of Yamatai.


The residents of Scorpio Star Fortress are the only permanent residents of the nebula.


The Characters that are located here:3)

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RP Opportunities

Roleplay Opportunities here.

  • Launch a secret mission, run a secret experiment or operation from Scorpio Star Fortress.
  • Get lost or accidentally navigate into the nebula. For extra fun die a dramatic death when your ship is torn apart.

Local Rumors

Rumors about this area.

  • The Star Army of Yamatai is conducting secret operations in the nebula.
  • There is a very large space-faring lifeform that eats starships in the nebula.

OOC Notes

Original was written by Wes. Andrew updated this article on 2021/02/04 16:14.

  • Artbreeder art is by Charaa.

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