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Kyoto Modern Art Museum

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The Modern Art Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto no Gendai Bijutsukan in Yamataigo, commonly known as the KMAM, is the largest collection of modern art and contemporary art in Yamatai. It was built in YE 26, to replace the old MAM of Geshrinopolis. It stands on the larger Museum Square where also the National Yamatai Museum and Imperial Theatre stand.

The museum houses works of contemporary artists of both avant-garde and expressionism art streams. The best known amongst these works is the 'Grainfields in Spring' by Shintani Rai, who is also the most featured in the museum. The museum is maintained by the Department of Information and a non-profit group known as 'Friends of KNAM'. This group also hosts the tours trough the museum, while also offering audio tours.

The museum also hosts, aside from the permanent collection, a series of temporary exhibits throughout the year, selecting modern artworks from other museums or foreign art. One such exhibit collected all the work by Shintani Rai in YE 34, which was opened by Empress Himiko, and led to the largest influx of visitors for the museum.

In terms of visitors, the museum lags behind the NYM, but has nonetheless gained a steady amount of guests since its opening, becoming the second most visited museum since YE 35. In terms of profit, the museum maintains a profit, despite the fact that most of its staff are either volunteers or government workers. In terms of critical reviews, the museum gets good impressions from most modern art critics, praising the large collection and overall outlook of the museum.


Main exhibit

The museum has a total of six collections of modern art painters, as well as small drawings and other art from these painters. It also contains the collection of two photographers and three modern sculptors. The following shows the sequence of all the collections.

  1. Shintani Rai - Painter:'Grainfields in Spring', 'Purple Jungle' a.o.
  2. Kenojo Showa - Painter: 'Stars in Waterfront', 'Sunrise in Winter' a.o.
  3. Erabi & Naoki Marise - Painters
  4. Deguchi Kentaro - Painter
  5. Ueyama Oetyo - Painter: 'Mirrors'
  6. Akagi Mio - Photographs: 'Plague of 08' a.o.
  7. Moreri Kogawa - Photographs
  8. Niwa Gaho - Sculptor: 'Masked Men' a.o.
  9. Uematsu Heizo - Sculptor
  10. Ishida Kukiko - Sculptor

- Grainfields in Spring, by Shintani Rai, painted in YE 23


The museum has a full-stocked restaurant at the entrance, as well as a coffee house and gift shop. There is even a special gift shop at the centre of the Museum Square, selling merchandise from all the landmarks.

Food and Drink

The building has a Warm and Sweet coffee house, as well as a BEST KEBAB Stand. During the summer a Treasure Trove Frozen Treats stand also opens just outside the door.

OOC Notes

Yoerik created this article on 2017/12/18 15:06. The artwork 'Grainfields in Spring' was originally created by Wes, used with permission.

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