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Lor Cluster

The Lor Cluster
Lor Cluster: (742, -183) from core_cluster

The Lor Cluster is a smaller star cluster under the control of the United Outer Colonies as an autonomous territory for the Lorath Matriarchy client race, perhaps the only such region in local space. While most other races under the thumb of one of the major superpowers, the clannish and xenophobic Lorath have retained a great degree of independence, although have come under attack frequently throughout recent history.

Given the recent state of affairs of their people, the Lor Cluster is economically prosperous and home to a number of hospitable worlds, but isolated from greater galactic society and sparsely populated. It is theorized that although the Lorath Matriarchy people might mount an effective defense of their homelands in this region, they would lack the manpower and resources to venture out into the greater star cluster with the intent to conquer.


Formerly a vassal state of the Yamatai Star Empire, the Lorath Matriarchy sought independence with the nascent UOC and moved to colonize the 'Eastern Frontier' with them. Through a means yet unknown, the devastated Lorath homeworld of Lor and the entire system it was native to was moved to this area of space.

Objects of Interest


Space Stations


Tur'Lista Expanse

The Tur'Lista Expanse to the small region of space at the center of the cluster that can be reached easily by conventional drive systems. This is where the mainstay of Lorath colonization has taken place, and where foreign vessels tend to go. Although distance space takes on a bright blueish hue inside of the nebula the Cluster is situated in, the Expanse is a more somber navy blue.

Fyunnen Highlands

The Fyunnen Highlands is the ring of denser nebula that stretches around the Tur'Lista Expanse. It is sort of minor frontier with a number of hostile, but biodiverse 'garden worlds', and is difficult to enter and traverse for most vessels.

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