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Ne'ushae is a very large school city established in ER 700, the city is known both for its unique design and architecture as well as for the amount of intelligent and military centric students that graduate from the school. Ne'ushae has over one hundred different schools nestled in its walls, from early education to advanced, the city is almost entirely student run and is owned and financed by the Ne'ushae Nobility.


Ne'ushae is a large school city founded upon the N'shale Peninsula and was designed in the form of a very large pentagram, its location made is both a boon for the nature loving Neshaten and also as a form of defense as the peninsula is located just forty one miles from the Neshaten capital city. The pentagram shape of the city makes it defensible in the event of attacks from land, sea, air and even space. The central area of the city is perhaps the most secretive to those who don't live or attend school in the city, as it is the source of the cities defensive barriers that protect it.

It goes without saying that Ne'ushae is a rather secretive city, it has support from the Neshaten Volunteer Navy and thus serves as one of the Kingdoms main source of creative discovery for military units. The city is fully self-sufficient in terms of food and other items needed for survival.

Ne'ushae is comprised of four different administrative districts, and ten school districts. Some districts may have sub-districts, these sub-districts are mainly used by schools.


Ne'ushae Academy was built by the Ne'ushae Nobility shortly after they left the political arena in ER 700, the families goal was to create a city that could be run with a limited amount of supervision by the students to teach students not just responsibility but also potentially how to be financially successful. The family when they first thought up of the idea of a large academy city first had to search out for a plot of land large enough to accommodate their goals, this came in the of a peninsula located to the north of the planets capital.

The family had spent close to ten years designing the blueprints for the city, starting with the outer wall and then working inward. This was ongoing through its construction, and meant that construction crews often times had to make changes 'on the fly' when the family themselves decided on something different. It took almost forty years for the academy to be constructed, although its first school was completed only five years after initial construction and its doors opened to that school only a year later, because of this a lot of the staff that were originally students during the schools construction became staff as the years went on.

As the city grew, so to did its influence, its students garnered much respect in both political, military, and scientific backgrounds allowing the city to create specialized districts that focused on one aspect or another; it was for this reason why the city is a focal point when it comes to military and space based technology, because of the bright students that the city creates.

However, the family didn't expect the location of their city to be a prime target for Netrunu'marol terrorists; the reason being that they had built the city in what would later be discovered as a territory controlled by the Netrunu'marol, this is what lead the family to create a self-defense force that is staffed by the cities students.


Ne'ushae Academy is located far north of Neto'shen and is situated on a peninsula, this peninsula is actually rather isolated due to a series of high mountains that lock it off from the rest of the continent. A single road runs through these mountains, but is open for only forty one days out of a year; this means that the only means of getting to the academy is via sea or air.

Power for the academy comes from a number of underwater turbines that generate power due to the oceans currents, but power also comes from lightning absorbers; a structure that attracts lightning toward it and then translates its power into electricity usable by the city. Because of the number of thunder storms that hit the peninsula, the city is seventy one percent powered by these absorbers.


  • Areas not numbered are vacant, and can be developed. Until then, they are either forests or parkland.

The following is a layout of the city. The layout is broken up into two distinct districts, the administrative district is responsible for the running of the city or for the overseeing of parts of the city. The administrative districts handle all commercial and industrial needs of the city, while also being the prime location of the academies central government; the school districts themselves are the location of each of the cities individual schools, while the districts have represented by a number - they can also be represented by the schools name; an example is district twelve which can also be referred to as the She'na District. Each school district is broken up into a residential, commercial, and a school area, there are no industrial factories or centers - all of those are restricted to the administrative sections of the city.

Administrative District Number Sub-district Letter (If any) Specialization or Notable Function
1 - Commercial Businesses
2 - Responsible for monitoring research and development
3 - Starport, seaport, and airport and transportation companies
4 - Primary City Government
School District Number Sub-district Letter (if any) Notable Schools
5 - Uiy'ha Primary School
6 - Uiy'ha Secondary School, administrative living areas
7 - Uiy'ha High Education Institute
8 - Fa'sha Academy
9 - Ne'ushae Primary
10 - Ne'ushae Secondary
11 - Orphan Academy
12 18A She'na Academy
13 - Jui'lane Military Academy
14 - Bii'lee Academy

City Defense and Security

Ne'ushae Academy is unique in that it has both a student run police force and military; both of which are overseen by experienced officers to help ensure that the students do things responsibly, as well as educating those students in offensive and defensive capabilities. The city is also protected by a city-sized energy field, which helps protect the city in the event of attack either by the ground, air or even orbital. Both the police force and military are volunteer only, with the exception of students who are failing or if they are specifically chosen by their school.


The military forces of Ne'ushae City are an experienced batch of students whose job is to protect the city from external threats, although their authority also allows them to operate inside of the city as well. The military is comprised of 50% graduated students, and 50% of attending students, ranging in age from ten to twenty eight, and whose leadership comes from the Navy's own Youth Corp who also helps oversee and train the students, this makes the military of Ne'ushae perhaps one of the biggest Youth Corps detachments in the Kingdom.

Military communications channels are strictly controlled and isolated from the rest of the cities communications network, this allows for a clean - uninterrupted - network, although the military does have specialized channels for communicating with the cities police force and government, or for issuing city-wide alerts.

Police Force

Like the military, the police force is also student run, with supervision and oversight from experienced officers. The police force is broken up into various branches that oversee a district, there is a main branch and then a sub-branch. All school districts have their own separate main branch that reports to the head branch that is found within the 4th Administrative District. These main branches are often crewed by students who live and attend schools in those districts, it is rare for a student from one district, to be apart of another districts police force (largely due to distance)

City Shield

The city is protected by a large energy barrier, this barrier is powered by several power stations located under the city and protected by thick armour plating. The barrier is only active during the day time hours, when city security and outside patrols are at their lowest.

Neshaten City Shield Generator


Ne'ushae City operates under a Unitary State form of government that the Ne'ushae nobility decided to use; this type of government is unorthodox because the nobility choose to delegate a large portion of the cities administrative matters to a student run council, comprised of presidents from each of the various schools student councils which help to oversee and make choices that effect the city, the noble family doesn't take part in these proceeding and instead just observes and provides feedback and advice. The family put in a safety net, in that while the students have control over the city, there are some decisions that they can't make - due to not being granted the power.

The cities governments works closely with the Neshaten Division of Education. The government does, however, require all schools to take part in Wartime Preparedness.

Student Governments

Each of the ten school districts has their own separate form of government, this government oversees the running of that district and can request assistance from neighbouring districts. These governments are comprised of each of the districts separate student councils.


The cities main form of transportation comes from both overhead and underground Maglev shuttle systems.

Intra-district Shuttles

Each district has its own dedicated shuttle system that is designed to transport people between four to eight different stations depending on district size. The system operates both above and below ground and runs all day and night, the shuttles are also fully automated, although policy requires there to be a driver in the event of a computerized failure.

In the event of an emergency, the shuttles are designed to ferry passengers to underground bunkers.

Inter-district Shuttles

All of the cities districts are interconnected by a very large mass shuttle system, with each district having at least 'two' of these shuttle stations that run in opposite directions from one another.

Road Network

The majority of the cities road network is underground, with the aboveground being made for walking traffic. Underground traffic is illuminated through overhead skylights that filter in moonlight, these skylights also allow people on the ground to see down into the traffic. The transparent armored class is the same stuff used to make regular windows found in ships and stations; this makes it quite resistant.

There are a number of underground parking lots located directly underneath major buildings and residences so that people can park their vehicles, along with escalators and elevators to take people to the ground floor.

Notable Locations

These are locations that have earned some kind of honour within the city, or that are just well-known amongst the student population.

Name Notes Location
Shi'tee Kree'aa Restruant School District 12


This city is intended to be used alongside the Capital for GMs and plots.

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