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Nyx's Private Land

This is a subarticle mentioning Lady Nyx Pine's home and property on Sirris VI, it is a 6 acres land area located in the Obsidian cliff residential area of Obsidian City


Her land is connected to Obsidian City via a road and enters her property line with an empty driveway to allow room for visitors.

Villa Nyx Pine

The following is a link to Nyx's actual house Villa Nyx


The backyard has a garden in the back, where Nyx is growing plants as part of a hobby she has in creating life. This was after someone told her she needed to do something to level off the death, she has caused as a member of the military. There is a pathway to a deck that lets her see out to the Ocean, and a great view of Obsidian city. To the left of the deck was the walkway to the Landing pad.

Ocean Facing Landing pad

At the end of the walkway is a large landing pad, this is a bluish-gray color, and is large enough to not only fit the Night Star but also Ezriel’s ship when she comes to visit.

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