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Ouchi Memorial

The Memorial was erected to help preserve the memories of the colonists who suffered at the hands of the Mishhuvurthyar in the Ouchi Prison from YE 29 when they conquered Goumon, to YE 30 when they were driven off.

The Mishhuvurthyar used the newly constructed prison as a place of torture and as a way to try and force the civilian population to capitulate. By the end of the occupation a total of 7,500 Yamataian's had lost their lives in the prison. The memorial is located 1,000 meters from the entrance of the prison.


The memorial is circular and cuts into the side of a small hill. There is a 100 x 25 meter reflecting pool that runs north and south. The end of the pool is centered on the marble wall. A small pedestal is present at the end nearest the wall with an eternal flame that represents the spirit of the colonists. At the opposite end of the pool the flag of the Empire flies. The entire memorial site is surrounded by carefully tended Yamataian yews which create a privacy barrier. A ring of lamps on the inside of the tree barrier keep the memorial lit all the time.

The main feature of the memorial is the Wall of Remembrance, with is a semicircular structure carved into the hill. The wall is comprised of 75 3 meter tall and 2 meter wide panels of black marble with yellow quartz veins running through them. Each of the panels has 1,000 names carved into them in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž) and Trade (language). The names are illuminated one at at time in order for five seconds. While illuminated the name is spoken aloud out of speakers that ring the memorial. It takes 10.4 hours for the reading of the names to be completed, and then it restarts. Next to each name there is a small sensor that when touched causes a volumetric image to appear. Most are 3D images of the person from the colonial records if no family members survived. Surviving family members had the right to supply their own image for their lost one.

A squad of eight Star Army Infantry stand silent vigil over the memorial, they stand guard for four hours at a time, and then are relieved of their vigil by the next group of eight.


At the entrance to the memorial a large white marble obelisk greets visitors. Carved into the face of the obelisk is carved the following

Prototype image


In YE 34 a limited EM-K6 "Kouteki" Grav-Bus service was added from the cities to the memorial with service to the prison.

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