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Poary is located on the shore of the greater sea. It was established in 755 CY YE 36.

About Poary

Poary pronounced pōăr-ī, is a harvest settlement. Divided into two sections, the residential area where the inhabitants live, and the processing center.

New Geies's productive biosphere is the equatorial regions. This area produces an abundance of fruits, nuts and seafood. These are what the harvest operation gatherers. Hundreds of teams leave the settlement and go to various sites to harvest. Once their craft are full they return to the settlement to offload. The majority of the harvest is shipped offworld to other settlements. Because of the extreme seasons and short year Poary has greenhouses to produce food items locally to support the settlement.


The settlement is ringed with a retracting wall to help deflect the storm winds when present. There are six rings of buildings that constitute the residential area. The center of the settlement is where all community structures are located. The innermost ring is reserved for commercial endeavors, shops, entertainment, and restaurants are located here for us by the residents.

An open area is present between the outer ring of buildings and the wall. This area contains fields with crops to support the settlement.

Due to the weak sun artificial lamps are illuminated most of the time in the settlement. Also each of the rings of builds are positioned so that there are no long paths for the wind to be channeled into. Mass transit is available throughout the settlement at no cost.

The settlement is equipped with a defense screen to protect the buildings, infrastructure and personnel from the lighting storms.

The diameter of the settlement is 8 km (5 miles) each ring is approximately 1 km (.6 mile) wide.


It consists of pads where the vehicles laden with harvest come and offload. Pads are designed to handle specific items. Harvested goods are kept in containers with encoding that identifies the contents. This is used to route the containers to the proper areas of the processing center. Once in the processing areas the harvested material is inspected and sorted. Processing obviously depends on what is being brought in. Lastly harvested material is then packaged and moved to the shipping area. From the shipping area the containers are taken to the Mâhoa'sa Âdor (Small Sky Harbor) for shipment.

Most seafood is flash frozen for freshness and packaged. Seafood that must remain alive is packed into containers with a saline and nutrient solution. The fruit and nuts are packaged and shipped offworld.

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