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Port Xenn

Port Xenn was a port situated on the northern edge of Ash Bay, Yamatai. An old city, it is named after a famous space explorer.

It had a furniture store, an open air market and there's also Hood's Realty Agency. It was also home to a Star Army garrison, and was the closest large city to Xenedine Corporation.

The city was flattened by a tsunami during the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33, when huge chunks of the planet's orbital ring fell into the ocean nearby.

Firefighters were sent from Black Sands Test Range to help.

There were reports of thieves operating in Port Xenn after the bombardment.

The city began rebuilding efforts in YE 35.

In YE 38, Trinary Star Shipping established a storefront in Port Xenn.

Kikyo Pie Company opened in Port Xenn in YE 41.

Jerry's Furniture

A place to buy furniture in Port Xenn. It's run by an older gentleman and his family, and is one of the oldest businesses on Yamatai.

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