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Rokin Isles

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Rokin Isles refers to a chain of volcanic islands located on the Southwestern ocean shelf on Planet Nepleslia. The Isles are located due west of the continent of Chusset.


Tiny Island 1: Voorn

Northern most island. We have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Western Small Island: Hemel

Island to the west of the biggest island. The local industry is tourism with waterfalls, hot springs and beaches on a semi-dormant volcano.

Large Island: Haven van Inktvis

Haven van Inktvis has the largest concentration of people of all the Rokin Isles and is home to a Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center, where clones are created in large batches for military or personal use. A large airport located adjacent to the plant allows for quick shipment of clones and supplies. 75% of the population works at either the airport or the processing plant. The remaining 25% are locals that work the water shipping lanes and support the installation with services, including commercial fishing and salvaging. It's a place that people go to work and they get few tourists that aren't transiting or getting a charter to one of the other islands in the area, Voorn being the most popular.

Southern Tiny Island: Haai

Popular location for Nepleslian β€œreality” survivor shows. Water snakes, sharks and carnivorous plants, oh my.

Local Commerce

Landmarks and Places of Note

Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center

Rokin Islanders in Roleplay

More about Rokin Isles

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