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Rot Mädchen

Rot Mädchen also called “The Red Maiden” in trade is a bar and cafe run by Veronica Roux on Waypoint Trade station.


After a run in with a group of slavers and having her life hit rock bottom, Veronica Roux wanted to get her feet planted and spend some time away from the space, and maybe even work on her dream of owning a small little place of her own. She couldn't decide if she wanted a cafe or a bar though and went with both, staying a cafe during the day but once it's night it's a bar.


The store front looks almost residential as opposed to the industrial look that is common now a days. There are even potted plants outside under the windows that look in on a neat and clean cafe. In front of the door is a red mat for you to wipe your feet on before entering. As you step in to the foyer your feet land on a soft carpet and music can be heard playing softly for ambiance. Before you go further there are coat racks for you to put your coats and hats. Further inside you reach the main room with the flooring and all the furniture appearing to be made out of mahogany wood, accented by brass light fixtures. To your right is the bar where instead of stools they have long legged bar chairs for comfort and an extensive selection of alcohols on display behind the bar. And to your left is the cafe area with different sized tables, all with individual rugs under them so that nothing spills on the floor. In the back of the place there is a recreation of an antique record player, the source of the soft music.

All Cafe menu items can be ordered during Bar hours.



  • Coffee: 1KS
  • Tea: 1KS
  • Hot Chocolate: 1KS
  • Fountain Drink: 1KS


  • Straight drinks: 2KS
  • Cocktails: 3KS
    • Red Maiden: 3KS

Appetizers and Sides


  • Fries: 2KS
  • Salad: 2KS
  • Garlic bread: 1KS




  • Soup: 3KS
  • Chicken or Lizard: 4KS
    • Fried, Roasted or Grilled
  • Sandwiches: 3KS
    • Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lizard, Vegetarian
  • Burger: 4KS
    • Miss Red: 5KS
  • Battered Shrimp: 3KS
  • Pizza slice:3KS


  • Party Plate: 13KS (Feeds five)
    • An assortment of cheeses fries and a choice of meat. (chicken fingers, chicken wings,beef, turkey or lizard tenders)
  • Poutine: 3KS
    • Fries with cheese curds and gravy.



  • Red Velvet Cake Slice: 3KS
  • Parfait: 3KS
  • Little Red: 4KS
    • Cola with cherry and wine sherbet


OOC Notes

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