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Sachiko's Tinker Space

This is a sub-article detailing a location where Itatski Sachiko spends most of her time when not on missions. It is a location on YSS Shiroyama

Room layout

The room is a decent sized room with enough space for most tall Neko and other species can walk around in and enough room for a vehicle to be worked on with and enough space in the doors to allow the said vehicle to leave or be stored there. There are shelves along the walls above this stuck to the walls, high enough that even a tall Neko couldn’t reach hardly anyone could unless they were a Neko floating up. In one corner beside Transparent Durandium was Sachiko’s desk while there was a bigger one closer to the middle.

There was also a domed shielded area for testing of the smaller new tech she has created.

Sachiko’s desk area

Sachiko’s desk is a hard oak wood desk, which had a Volumetric screen and a volumetric keyboard that she can use to write things. The computer has a list of things she has created, and things she has already tinkered with. It also shows her plans and ideas for new technology. This screen also allows her to communicate with others very far away. Behind her desk is a hanger for an environmental suit. It also has a drawer for Cleaning Kit

Tinker Station

The Tinkering Station is made of durable metal, but with smooth round edges that allow her to work on things, she has brought to her tinker space. She as tools here that allows her to scan for harmful materials that made it past cleaning and tool that would allow her to penetrate the metal of the tech she has retrieved from Terra Multa’s Heap. it isn’t big enough for a vehicle, but only the tech that allows Fighter starships to fly could be placed on it.


There are multiple metallic shelves, which have a metallic slab welded between them to allow for more space. There are multiple pieces of technology, mostly those broken apart, to be used for other things with big things held in durable nets at the bottom of the shelving area. The tech located here are, mostly Star army, or Yamatai based technology both civilian and some not so civilian.

Test area

The testing area is a small area across from the desk within a shielded domed area which seals the doorway in case of emergencies. This area is for testing of weapons, as well as non-weapons such as her Virtual Home Sleep which she was pleased to know was a huge success for civilians and independent ships.

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