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:!: The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.

Seu'vuria Garden

The Seu'vuria Garden is a famous bar found on the Levia (Planet) that was opened in the year of ER 723 when Vectes was completed. The Garden serves as the bases primary eating and recreational spot, comprised of six floors, and has a combination of a garden and bar as the top floor.


Seu'vuria is seven stories tall, although the first story is merely the lobby and the parking area. The building is made almost entirely out of reinforced, lamenated glass with a circular cross bracing to help keep the structure stable during high winds or from the occasional earthquake.

First Floor

The first floor houses the lobby, an external parking lot for hover cars and two larger parking lots for shuttles. It also has a metal fence that isolated the parking lot from the outside the rest of the base.

Second Floor

This floor has a recreational area with holographic games for visitors to play on along with some games that are more children oriented for visiting kits.

Third Floor

The third floor has a pool and a hot spa, which can be used by visitors. The pool goes to a max of six feet deep while the spa is large enough for eight people. The spa room is made to be comfortable with wooden walls and hanging plants.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is a large garden that helps supply the bar with some of it's produce. The fourth floor is inaccessible to non-employees.

Fifth Floor

The fifth floor is a lounge area, with its own mini-bar. The lounge has one exterior landing pad that can be used for VIP's or in the event of an emergency.

Sixth Floor

The sixth floor is a combination of a bar and garden, the garden is simliar to the one found on the fourth floor in that it grows plants used by the bar, but instead - the plants grown here are used excusively by the bar.

The following is a list of items that can be bought at the Garden, this list is in a constant state of change.


  • Sweatened Fries with customers choice of sauce or dressing - 15 Rh
  • Seasoned Fries with customers choiec of sauce or dressing - 15 Rh
  • Spiced and Sliced Steak - 20 Rh


  • Juice
    • Apple - 10 Rh
    • Orange - 10 Rh
      • Additionals can be added for an additional 5 Rh
        • Sweatening
        • Spicening
  • Carbinated Drink
    • Furan Seliz - 20 Rh
    • Suran Seliz - 20 Rh
  • Alcoholic Drinks (No My'leke May drink)
    • Bee'zan - 35 Rh
    • Yuu'ran - 35 Rh
  • Non-alcoholic Drinks
    • Fazz - 25 Rh
    • Vuiye - 25 Rh

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